Boardwalk Beach Hotel & Convention Center Partners With Hotel Internet Services for High-Speed Wi-Fi and Seamless Guest Connectivity

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful implementation of a high-performance Wi-Fi network at Boardwalk Beach Hotel & Convention Center. Located in Panama City Beach, Florida, Boardwalk Beach Hotel strives to provide its guests with the ultimate beachside vacation getaway while also providing up to 20,000 feet of convention area space. Leveraging HIS’ enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, the property can now ensure that those staying for either business or leisure can always look forward to a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection regardless of their online needs.

Following the destruction of its previous network from hurricane Michael, Boardwalk Beach Hotel set out to adopt a replacement, however, property leadership recognized the crucial need to select a solution that could fully accommodate the increased strain and rising expectations placed on today’s hotel Wi-Fi services. After vetting several competing providers and performing numerous site surveys, the hotel selected HIS as its preferred choice due to both the company’s years of dedicated expertise in hospitality-based network connectivity and its experience with serving the online needs of buildings featuring an older construction.

Significantly, Boardwalk Beach hotel was able to utilize HIS industry knowledge in designing a network infrastructure that could provide a strong enough Wi-Fi signal able to penetrate the property’s thick walls and nonetheless ensure fast and reliable coverage throughout all onsite locations. This not only includes Boardwalk Beach hotel’s guestrooms but also its onsite restaurants, two outdoor swimming pools, conference space and other public-facing areas. With HIS technician support, this was achieved via the installation of more than four miles of Ethernet cabling and the strategic deployment of Ruckus access points to eliminate any potential Wi-Fi dead spots that can frequently lead to drops in guest satisfaction.

“Providing our guests with fast and strong Wi-Fi connectivity was essential to creating a positive guest experience even before the onset of the pandemic, but now with so many travelers also relying on a fast and stable connection to work remotely, it has become all the more critical,” said Woody Drobia, General Manager at Boardwalk Beach Hotel & Convention Center. “It is crucial for hoteliers to identify and work with a provider with proven results to ensure the hotel’s Wi-Fi is meeting the latest guest expectations, and HIS has lived up to its excellent reputation. We not only experienced a seamless and swift installation process but can also attest to the company’s ability of providing high-speed connectivity regardless of where a guest may be located within the property.”

In addition to HIS’ advanced technology and expertise, another factor in Boardwalk Beach Hotel’s decision to partner with the network provider is its ability to provide swift customer support. Available to both the hotel’s employees and guests is HIS’ 24/7 support services, staffed by some of the industry’s most experienced network professionals who can provide immediate assistance for a wide range of Wi-Fi troubleshooting and performance issues. This can include providing assistance for Wi-Fi card driver and SSID configuration, device Wi-Fi login difficulties and the setting up of virtual private networks (VPN).

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