Blue Tree Hotels Implements Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Wireless Solution

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Blue Tree Hotels Implements Aerohive’s Cloud-Managed Wireless Solution


Aerohive Networks™, a cloud-management provider, announced Blue Tree Hotels Group, a Brazilian hotel chain, has chosen Aerohive, in partnership with SmartWave Networks, to provide the cloud-managed wireless solution for its high-density and high-demand environment.

In late 2013, Blue Tree Hotels was selected by the World Cup to host delegations at their hotel sites in Latin America. Anticipating a huge demand from their Wi-Fi network, the hotel group began a project with SmartWave, one of Aerohive’s value-added distributors specializing in Wi-Fi and networking solutions, to replace their current solution with a network that could provide better coverage and quality for their 4,400 rooms across 24 hotel units in Brazil.

During Blue Tree Hotels’ project with SmartWave, their main focus was the quality of the internet, as well as implementing the revision of the three basic Wi-Fi pillars, which included links, authentication systems, and infrastructure made by the wiring system, Wi-Fi antennas and switches, and network assets. SmartWave filled in a difficult gap for Blue Tree Hotels with its technical monitoring and mature knowledge and brought Aerohive’s artificial-intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) cloud-management solution to the table, which fit the needs of the Blue Tree Hotels Group.

The Blue Tree Hotels Group is extremely satisfied with their Aerohive network’s ability to hold up even under the heaviest of client loads while providing invaluable insights, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), into the health status of clients inside HiveManager. Aerohive’s cloud-managed architecture, centralized management and the simplicity of network deployment help provide guests with the quality and experience the hotel group strives for and allows staff to operate efficiently in a high-density environment.