Blonder Tongue Labs and Innovative Systems Enable Current and Legacy SMB and Hospitality Video Systems for IP Multicasting

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc., a US-based designer and manufacturer of telecommunications, video and cable transmission technologies, has partnered with Innovative Systems to launch two new solutions for Blonder Tongue’s NXG IP Digital Video Signal Processing Platform.

“Innovative Systems is well known for their high reliability systems and their pragmatic and cost effective approach to delivering IP video as well as their advanced middleware platform with user-friendly remote provisioning and solutions to support their Multi-Generation TV product,” said Ted Grauch, President and CEO of Blonder Tongue Laboratories, “With new security, cryptographic features, and integration work just completed, our NXG Platform can now be deployed to provide a full range of on-property video services in QAM, Analog, IP Multicast or IP Unicast formats; all from a single Innovative Systems’ IP Multicast feed. Together we’re enabling new and exciting video experiences for SMB and Hospitality market customers today and for future requirements.”

Capable to deploy at private small and medium sized business (SMB) properties, or within the service operator headend, the Blonder Tongue Labs’ NXG supports video service demarcation and turn-around services based on Innovative Systems’ InnoCryptiontm encryption technology over IP Multicast streams, or with Widevine protected Unicast MPEG-DASH streams running on Innovative Systems’ platform.  NXG with InnoCryption descrambling enables cable, fiber optic and telco operators a simple and cost-effective way to enhance SMB and Hospitality customers’ video services directly from their local IPTV distribution networks. This new solution provides a critical link for hotels, stadiums, campuses, hospitals, and other institutions that have already deployed legacy video solutions but want to upgrade to the latest OTT and IPTV technology, without the high cost or burden of replacing any of their existing video infrastructure.

“Our customers are consistently seeking MDU solutions with varying requirements.  Blonder Tongue’s NXG is flexible, reliable, and can reduce customer hardware requirements with little effort,” said Scott Sobolewski, Vice President of Sales at Innovative Systems. “Our combined technology transforms video capabilities and experiences for hospitality customers, who require affordable next-gen video services that will support them for years to come.”

The new products integrate seamlessly with Innovative Systems’ video middleware, including its Widevine and InnoCryptiontm based Conditional Access/Digital Rights Management (CA/DRM) systems, and are configured into Blonder Tongue’s carrier-grade 5 rack unit (RU) NXG Platform or the compact 2 RU NXG Edge Platform. The combined solution is highly customizable to the needs of each property location and can convert video content into any desired output format to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

The Blonder Tongue Labs’ NXG solution enables video services on any generation of legacy coax or ethernet wiring, providing a significant cost savings to customers who deploy the platform. Additionally, NXG can be installed in a single visit due to remote management capability for troubleshooting, monitoring, and ongoing configuration, and can significantly reduce costs, rack space, and power requirements by replacing hundreds or thousands of Set-Top Boxes (STBs) with a single NXG device.

With Blonder Tongue’s NXG platform, customers can build a uniquely customized solution based on their specific application needs. Deployment in either Edge or Headend architecture model can support IP multicast, IP unicast, Analog NTSC, or QAM based re-distribution with or without Pro:Idiom content production, as well as support transcoding and trans-rating content into MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or HEVC/H.265 in CBR or ABR output formats. Customers can then display local IPTV content either directly on TVs with or without Set-Top-Boxes.

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