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Bay Bread Group to Manage Bakery Production with MonkeyMedia Software

Bay Bread Group will roll out MonkeyMedia Software's MonkeyFoodFactory to two wholesale bakeries to give the business more flexibility and control over performance and production. The San Francisco-based Bay Bread Group, parent company of the Le Boulange chain of rustic French-inspired bakeries, was founded by Pascal Rigo who learned the craft of baking artisan breads in his hometown of Bordeaux, France.

The Bay Bread Group's wholesale bakeries provide café bakery, grocery, restaurant and hotel customers with the freshest pastries, organic breads and desserts using recipes from the French country side. "Excellent quality of food and unmatched customer service are top priorities for our company," saysThomas Lefort, co-owner, Bay Bread Group. "As our bakery business continues to expand, it is important that we adjust to accommodate the growth by investing in technology that will help us more efficiently manage the complexities of running a bakery." MonkeyMedia Software currently powers La Boulange's online ordering and catering business channels with MonkeyOnlineOrdering and MonkeyCatering, so for Lefort and his team, the choice to select MonkeyFoodFactory was obvious. "MonkeyCatering has transformed our catering service into a highly flexible, easily sustainable business, and we're excited to begin implementation of their industry-leading technology on the bakery production side," he says.

With MonkeyFoodFactory, the Bay Bread Group will benefit from the platform's ability to facilitate and automate processes such as order and account management, recipe management, production planning and scheduling, transactional accounting and real-time reporting. MonkeyFoodFactory will also provide the Bay Bread Group with:

  • Increased over-all flexibility: MonkeyFoodFactory's highly configurable platform will adapt to the Bay Bread Group's specific requirements and will conform to the company's policies and processes, eliminating the need for the bakery to lose any time or productivity conforming to a new program.
  • Enhanced order and production control: MonkeyFoodFactory will store the Bay Bread Group's data in a single location, so information is easy to locate and modify as orders change and customers make special requests.
  • Improved operational performance: Detailed production reporting and materials management will allow the Bay Bread Group to reduce the total cost of operations due to leaner, more cost-effective and more standardized processes.
  • Compelling return-on-investment: MonkeyFoodFactory is a scalable, web-based platform designed to evolve and match the customer's needs at every stage in growth. As the Bay Bread Group continues to grow, MonkeyFoodFactory will adjust according to the company's specific business rules and requirements, and with no impact to the current IT infrastructure.
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