Bartech's Customized Line of In-Room POS Solutions Help Hoteliers Maximize Revenue

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Bartech, the leader in automatic minibar solutions for the global hospitality industry, has refined its extensive line of minibar and in-room point-of-sale (POS) solutions to meet the unique operational challenges and technology needs of a variety of property types and room configurations. With today's travelers seeking to minimize contact with hotel staff and other guests by avoiding public hotel areas such as on-site F&B venues and retail shops, Bartech solutions provide properties with an alternate source of much needed room revenue, while meeting guests' needs, keeping them on property and maximizing guest satisfaction. Bartech's expansive line of solutions ranges from standalone eTrays to fully automated refrigerated minibars and the BarTouch Cloud. Following are products that address specific challenges while enhancing the guestroom experience:

Scalable, Cost-effective and Safe F&B Guestroom Solutions

Bartech's eTray solution is an innovative platform that allows hoteliers to sell non-refrigerated products in the guestroom without the need for an existing minibar. Costing approximately a third of the price of a full minibar, the eTray offers full wireless operating abilities using a module that is directly integrated into the solution's electronics. This provides hoteliers with the ability to remotely monitor and manage individual guestroom inventory levels, so staff only needs to replace products when notified by the system, reducing unnecessary room entries and minimizing direct contact with guests. Any items removed are automatically transmitted as purchases to the PMS to ensure appropriate billing while directing employees to restock and sanitize eTray units and merchandise once a guest checks out.

Store Guest F&B Items and Enhance Guest Comfort

Bartech's other automated in-room POS solutions, including the eDrawer, C32 and DD46 automatic minibars, offer fully customizable design, along with a choice of three methods of central server communication between the minibars and hotel's property management system. To streamline hotel operations, simplify inventory control and minimize loss, Bartech's automatic minibars feature infrared, magnetic or micro-switch sensor technology that notifies the PMS when an item has been removed. Automatic minibars from Bartech are more efficient than manual minibars, leading to enhanced operational efficiencies and profit potential while maximizing a hotel's design options.

Upgrade Your Manual Minibars With BarTouch and Maximize Attendant Productivity

Bartech's BarTouch Cloud solution allows hotels with manual minibars to track inventory levels and issue restock requests using any smart device. Through its integration with the hotel PMS, BarTouch Cloud significantly enhances a hotel's ability to run operations remotely, allowing employees to monitor and manage F&B services using either Wi-Fi or 4G/5G from virtually anywhere in the world. At a time when hotel businesses are trying to preserve as much revenue and labor resources as possible, BartTouch Cloud helps to lower operational and maintenance costs. Not only allowing limited labor resources to effortlessly multitask F&B needs with other responsibilities, this includes Bartech overseeing and managing all IT activities with regards to minibar operations. BarTouch Cloud is compatible with any manual minibar brand and model. It can even provide the ability to manage and bill non-refrigerated items from snack trays and display units.

Lock and Unlock Minibar Doors and Adjust Temperature Without Entering the Guestroom

Bartech's Minibar+ is an innovative solution that enhances Bartech's manual minibars with semi-automatic functionality. Simple to set up and implement, Minibar+ is a "plug and play" solution that is available as a downloadable application, easily adding semi-automatic functionality to Bartech's manual units to give hotel operators the ability to control key functions of these devices without having to set foot in the guestroom. Minibar+ also allows hoteliers to control costs by providing the ability to adjust internal temperatures remotely using tablets or smartphones. In this way, properties can adjust their energy consumption based on occupancy, prevent refrigerators from running at night, or automatically set the devices to shut down during pre-set periods of low occupancy. Minibar+ provides a number of other unique features also, including the ability to remotely lock and unlock minibars individually or by floor, reducing staff and guest pilferage, and allowing hoteliers to offer higher quality items in the guestroom. Maintenance staff can also schedule defrost timing remotely.

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