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Bar Trivia Participants Spend More, Says Hooters of Costa Mesa, Calif

Hooters of Costa Mesa, Calif. is leveraging NTN Buzztime, Inc.’s Hosted Trivia to more effectively run its Tuesday trivia nights. Buzztime replaces Hooter’s old "paper-and-pen" method, and delivers the questions and results tracking on screen. "Easy to use, Buzztime Live Trivia is refreshingly modern and operates much smoother than our previous live trivia event," says Laura Acton, manager, Hooters of Costa Mesa.
Hosted Trivia, a subscription-based platform, is part of Buzztime's portfolio of trivia and entertainment products and is available to all Buzztime customers in the company's network of bars and restaurants. With this new product, trivia hosts and emcees focus on the fun and enjoyment of the crowd, while leaving the work to Buzztime. Game action and pace is controlled through rounds of 30- and 60- question Buzztime Trivia games created specifically for "live" environments and crowds. Hosts will no longer have to read questions to the participants and then reveal the answers all at once; Buzztime Hosted Trivia displays the questions and answers throughout the game on the establishment's television screens, thus freeing up hosts to engage with players.
To ensure that guests stay in their seats during their weekly, two hour live trivia events, Hooters of Costa Mesa requires that participants have to play until the end of the game. This strategy gets them to stay at Hooters longer and order more food and drinks. "Guests who play Buzztime Hosted Trivia spend nearly $5 more, increasing our check averages by $20 as most players compete in groups of four or more," says Action.
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