BAPES Brings EV Hotel to BAPESWORLD in the Metaverse

Both BAPES and EV Hotel are looking to push the boundaries of technology and blockchain for their communities.
Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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EV hotel in Metaverse
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BAPES™, the first metavestor club actively and uniquely combining the universe and the metaverse, and Ken Patel, Chairman & Founder of EV Hotel, announced their partnership to bring EV Hotel to BAPESWORLD™.

The partnership between BAPES™ and EV Hotel brings together two powerhouse forces in the metaverse. EV Hotel is the world’s first hotel brand to come to the metaverse. Both are looking to push the boundaries of technology and blockchain for their communities.

Ken Patel, EV Hotel CEO & Founder, has recently been quoted as saying: “Ventures like this are new to the hospitality and digital world, and that is why I am excited to announce the partnership between EV Hotel and BAPES™. This sort of partnership usually does not come to market, and to have Metaverse in the same sentence with hospitality is unheard of. The world's first hotel brand to hit the Metaverse. What we are doing is to create an experience that brings hospitality back and gives it life again. Innovation is a team sport, and this EV/BAPES™ venture merges the capabilities of our respective teams.”

“We’ve been working very hard since disclosing to the tremendous BAPESCLAN community in February, that we will be bringing the powerful hi-tech and crypto EV Hotel brand into the metaverse together with BAPES.  Adding real value and utility in the metaverse, as well as also in the real physical world, has always been a key focus to our vision and plans.  Now the Web3 community can continue to see how all these amazing brands, utilities, partnerships, and experiences are starting to come together, and how BAPES is the conduit for just that.” said Brian J. Esposito, Chief Strategy Officer EV Hotels & Founding Partner of BAPES.

EV Hotel has world class amenities in and out of the metaverse. First and foremost, a one-of-a-kind crypto trade floor, where guests can watch the CDX trading floor in real time. This floor provides a physical trading facility for both crypto enthusiasts. EV Hotel hosts an NFT Lobby both in person and in the metaverse, displaying NFTs available for purchase. Bapes™ is proud to be featured in the lobby and will have NFTs for sale within. Live entertainment that takes place in EV Hotel, will also take place online. EV Hotel’s dedication to the metaverse means that guests can experience the same functionality, even if they can’t physically come to the hotel.

The EV Hotel will operate without a formal front desk but will offer "experience desk" employees that guests and patrons will be able to meet and receive assistance from as needed. The brand will debut cutting edge technology that the industry has never seen before, such as Automated check-in, the EV Smart Mirror, EV Smart Toilet, EV Smart Faucet, and more. The NFT lobby and guest rooms will further elevate the guest experience.