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AT&T Collaborates with VeloCloud to Debut Its SD-WAN Hybrid Networking Strategy

AT&T said it is collaborating with VeloCloud to deliver AT&T Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), a key step in helping many businesses evolve their networks from hardware to software.          
The AT&T SD-WAN portfolio will include a network-based solution that combines hybrid networking with multiple types of network access. The network-based solution will be available in 2017. VeloCloud is part of the AT&T Integrated Cloud ecosystem focused on the SD-WAN.
This is part of AT&T's strategy to incorporate software-centric technologies into its integrated solutions that deliver flexibility and agility for enterprises on a global basis. These capabilities are changing how its customers manage their networks, letting them mix and match based on application, performance and reliability needs. The first integrated offer was software-defined networking, second was network-function virtualization and third is hybrid SD-WAN.
AT&T SD-WAN routes data traffic across a wide area network, choosing the access type for the best network performance. This split-second routing capability optimizes application performance based on the parameters selected by customers. The service also gives customers choices in how they manage bandwidth.
If a customer has multiple site types with varying reliability, performance, and bandwidth needs, the AT&T SD-WAN network-based solution can be ideal. For a customer with similarity across sites and looking to deploy SD-WAN at all locations, the AT&T SD-WAN premises-based, over the top solution may be the best fit. The premises-based, over the top solution will be available later this year.
In addition to VeloCloud, AT&T plans to collaborate with more SD-WAN technology companies as part of its evolving ecosystem to support customers' needs.
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