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Argo Risk Tech Releases ART-iTherma

Argo Insurance, US Grocery & Retail, a member of Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd., an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance products, announced the launch of ART-iTherma, a new, state-of-the-art thermometer (thermo probe and infrared) used as a part of the Argo Risk Tech automated temperature compliance risk management solution, ART-iTemp.
ART-iTherma was created to meet the exceptionally difficult operating environments that the food industry must contend with, while exceeding software performance expectations for a simple and effective user experience, the company said. Designed in conjunction with Argo Insurance retail and restaurant clients and available exclusively through the company's technology partner Gleason Technology Inc., ART-iTherma is  an internet-of-things (IoT) device used for various compliance activities to satisfy regulatory oversight from the FDA, USDA, and state and local health authorities.
ART-iTherma is made from two pieces of milled aluminum and has an infrared functionality, retractable thermo probe functionality, Bluetooth 4.0 for power management and connectivity certainty, thermo induction wireless power charging, digital temperature (C/F) and operation messaging display on face. Full specifications can be found at
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