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Applebee’s Updates EMV Presto Tabletop Terminals

Applebee’s is adding E la Carte Inc.’s PrestoPrime EMV tabletop terminals to all of its U.S. restaurants.

Applebee’s first began providing the Presto tablets in 2014 and will be continuing to provide them for multiple years, in order to give casual-dining guests more control over their dining experiences, increase operational efficiencies and more accurately track guest feedback.  

PrestoPrime’s guest feedback capabilities enable nearly real-time data capture that helps restaurants improve the guest experience and drive operational efficiencies. The new terminal also supports all of the latest EMV and mobile payment technologies, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Chip-and-PIN, Chip-and-Signature, PIN-Debit and mobile payments. It haspayment security with full end-to-end hardware encryption and PTS certified PIN capture.

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