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Aloha Hospitality Professionals Launches Virtual Interview and Onboarding System

The on-demand staffing agency aims to draw top industry talent in a virtual way with its first launch in Hawaii.

Aloha Hospitality Professionals, (AHP), an on-demand hospitality staffing agency, specializing in staffing for events, customer service, boutiques, retail, restaurant, convention, catering, warehouse staffing, etc., is launching a completely virtual interview and onboarding system in Hawaii on November 2, 2019.

This new system aims to be a modern day hiring solution to draw top talent in the industry. Each applicant is vetted through a one-on-one virtual interview session, and offered onboarding through an integrated applicant tracking system, all seamlessly connected, and offering the candidates an easier approach to joining the AHP team.

Once hired, each Hospitality Professional is on-boarded as a W2 employee, not just gig-workers, in order to set AHP apart and ahead of the legislative changes that will be going into effect in many states, including California. AHP candidates are offered the flexibility of gig work, along with the benefits for being a W2 wage earner.

Aloha Hospitality Professionals, Founder & CEO, Kathleen Lin-Hurtubise notes that the company is focused on moving forward to synthesize the high tech aspect of gig work with the high touch, human side of hospitality work. Lin-Hurtubise explains that onboarding thousands of candidates weekly while connecting with each one through a real time interview, ensures they have the mindset to take care of humans with extraordinary hospitality and customer service. 

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