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AHLA Integrates HTNG, Strengthening Technology Expertise, Advocacy Focus

HT’s exclusive interview with HTNG sheds light on how, why this partnership came to be.
Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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In a recent press release, the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) and Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announced that the two organizations have signed an agreement for HTNG to formally become part of AHLA to better serve and support the evolving needs of the global hospitality industry as it looks toward recovery.

This synergistic alignment, which has been unanimously approved by the Boards of both AHLA and HTNG, provides significant benefits to both organizations and their members.  AHLA will gain additional expertise in technology, which continues to be a critical aspect of both hotel operations and advocacy. HTNG will continue its expansion and impact globally through greater resources and access to C-suite level decision makers.

“AHLA and HTNG have developed a close partnership and have collaborated to champion evolving technologies that provide guests and operators with the best possible solutions and experience. This focus is more important than ever with the rapid transformation of technology and the rise in technology-related public policies we’ve seen in the last year alone, which reinforced our desire to bring them under the AHLA umbrella to better serve our respective members and support the industry as it looks toward recovery,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of AHLA. "By aligning ourselves with the HTNG community and their invaluable knowledge, we deepen our technology expertise and advance our strategic direction."

“While HTNG has been at the forefront of technology’s growth in the hospitality industry throughout the years, combining forces with AHLA will truly serve as a positive stride in the natural evolution of our organization,” said Michael Blake, CEO of HTNG. “This shift will allow us to leverage AHLA’s membership and advocacy platforms, and I couldn’t think of better individuals to advance our mission with.”

To learn more on how and why this partnership came to be, check out this exclusive interview between HT and HTNG.

How did the idea come about to combine the two organizations?

AHLA and HTNG have developed a close partnership over several years and have collaborated to champion evolving technologies that provide guests and operators with the best possible solutions and experience, including aspects of AHLA’s 5 Star Promise and Safe Stay “campaigns.” With this history and a look toward our industry’s recovery, the combination of AHLA and HTNG into one entity only makes sense to grow stronger and go farther.

Why does this transition into AHLA make sense to HTNG?

Technology plays a critical role in hotel operations and the guest experience. Being part of AHLA gives technology a seat at the CEO table. HTNG will be represented on the AHLA senior executive staff as well as the board of directors and nominations committee. In addition, we will have greater resources being part of a larger association.

Will HTNG’s name and brand change?

No, the industry and our community know us as HTNG, so our name will stay the same. We see this as an expansion of our brand with the greater resources and reach provided by AHLA. HTNG’s mission and global focus will remain the same as we continue to move hospitality forward together.

Will there be any immediate changes to HTNG and/or it's operations due to the merger?

No; HTNG staff will remain the same and can still be contacted through their HTNG email addresses and phone numbers. HTNG members can still log-in to the HTNG website and access all resources, including workgroup participation and webinar registration. Eventually, some systems and processes will migrate but members will be notified when any changes do occur.

What will be some of the biggest benefits that come with the merger for both organizations?

Working under AHLA, HTNG will become part of a larger community and will gain greater reach and more visibility to the broader hotel industry outside of the technology sector. With the power of HTNG, AHLA will now be able to leverage deep technology expertise at a time when we continue to see an elevated level of public policy focus on technology-related issues.