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Acentic Launches High-Speed Wi-Fi to Maximize Uptime and Reduce Guest Complaints

Acentic has launched Radiant 4, a new HSIA solution designed specifically for hotels and hospitality businesses.  Radiant 4 is the all new, next generation, High Speed Internet platform which offers an outstanding solution to the connectivity challenges of the hotel industry today. 
Radiant 4 is built from the ground up, incorporating well over a decade of HSIA system software development, technology experience and service delivery.  It is uniquely designed to cater for the extreme changes in the user behavioural landscape that continues to challenge the market.
Hoteliers can choose from Radiant 4 basic, or an enhanced module, each offering different levels of functionality.  A conference management facility is also available as an optional extra for both.  Radiant 4 comes with free, comprehensive product training as well as free software updates and upgrades during the lifetime of a contract*.
Radiant 4 enables conferencing, public area and in-room requirements to be managed by the hotel to optimize bandwidth per account and/or client, and maximize revenue opportunities.  This enables hotels to control all device connections and maintain overall user satisfaction.
The Radiant 4 platform, is installed locally at the hotel and links to the Acentic Cloud Service, allowing a hotel owner to get a tailor made overview of the performance of their HSIA solution either at one hotel or at a group of hotels. Information reports can be provided either for a single hotel or combined across a group.
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