7shifts, Toast Partner to Streamline Employee Clock-Ins and Schedule Enforcement

7shifts  announced an app integration with Toast, an all-in-one restaurant technology platform and one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the United States, to provide continued efficiencies in restaurant operations management. The new integration aims to largely reduce restaurant labor costs by streamlining employee clock-ins and schedule enforcement.
Toast is an all-in-one restaurant technology point of sale (POS) solution, while 7shifts is an employee scheduling and labor management app designed specifically for restaurants. The new integration will aid in ensuring fair shift compensation, ease of time tracking, and variance reporting. It will also boost adherence to shift schedules by disabling the ability of staff to clock in prior to or beyond their scheduled shifts, saving establishments money and headaches.
7shifts is an intuitive employee scheduling and management app for the restaurant industry. Managers of single or multi-location restaurants use 7shifts to reduce the time it takes to do schedule staff from several hours down to just a few minutes each month. The app also helps food service managers reduce labor costs with more effective shift strategies and streamline communications with their workforce.
When an employee clocks in/out through Toast, the shift is cross-referenced with the schedule in 7shifts, preventing an employee from punching in unscheduled shifts, and eliminating unbudgeted overtime and unbalanced staffing. When new employees are added to either platform, they will be automatically synced between the two.
Toast offers advanced functionality to manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, including quick menu modifications, real-time enterprise reporting and labor management on an easy-to-use interface. The platform also features revenue-driving tools including physical and digital gift cards, loyalty programs and online ordering.
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