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6 Travel Tips for HITEC 2017 Attendees

Softscribe Inc., a hotel tech PR agency, will attend HITEC 2017 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada June 26 to 29. To help other attendees, it worked with Warren Dehan, president of NORTHWIND Maestro PMS, based in Markham, Ontario, a Toronto suburb, to put together six tips to help smooth travel to Toronto.
1.     Be sure to bring your passport. This is the most efficient form of ID to get you across the border to Canada, and back into the U.S.
2.     Exchange US cash for Canadian dollars. You can pre-order Canadian cash from your local back with sufficient advance notice. When in Toronto, exchange US cash for Canadian dollars at the airport, banks and most hotel front desks. Credit and debit cards are generally accepted everywhere. Alert your bank to your travel plans. This could protect your credit card.
3.     Toronto has an excellent public transit system (Toronto Transit Commission or TTC). It is affectionately known as the Red Rocket. Buses, streetcars, and a subway system are included. Uber and taxis are abundant in Toronto. 

4.     HITEC will be near the Lake Ontario lakefront. A train service direct from Pearson International Airport to Union Station (Union Pearson Express) is available. Tickets are around $12 one direction for an adult ticket. Union Station is a 5-minute walk to the convention center and several of the HITEC hotels.
5.     Toronto is a city of 6 million people and has the restaurants, museums, art galleries, theater, music and sport venues expected of a world class city.
6.     June is generally a warm and pleasant month in Toronto, averaging between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit with little rain.
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