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5 Ways Hotels Can Use W-Fi to Increase Revenue

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Hoteliers are always looking for ways to increase revenue. While improving occupancy rates is the most obvious way, hotels must invest in other strategies to maximize income. One example of this is maximizing the power of your guest Wi-Fi, creating additional revenue streams such as personalized upselling campaigns, data-driven Wi-Fi marketing and driving loyalty programs with accurate insight. Guest Wi-Fi should lead every hotel’s sales and marketing strategy.

  1. Boost Bookings with Fast, Free Wi-Fi
    Hotels need to keep occupancy rates high if they’re going to hit their revenue targets. One quick and simple way to boost bookings and customer acquisition is to offer fast, reliable and free guest Wi-Fi. According to a 2016 Red Roof Inn survey, access to great Wi-Fi was cited by guests as more important than a free breakfast. Four years later, and one can only imagine how much more important it has become! Hotels must do their best to clearly inform guests – on booking sites, social media, and the hotel’s own website – that it offers excellent guest Wi-Fi.
  2. Track, Tap into Guest Behavior
    Combining guest Wi-Fi with beacon technology means hotels can track how a guest is interacting and behaving in real time while they’re logged in to the guest Wi-Fi network. By identifying guest location, hotels can send powerful Wi-Fi marketing messages that drive revenue. Upselling and cross-selling strategies will be made more relevant, as they can be automatically tailored to each customer in real time. For example, a hotel could send a room service marketing message to all guests who are located in their room during common mealtimes.
  3. Generate a Powerful Email List
    Email marketing and its segmentation capability can give hotels a lot of options when it comes to boosting revenue. When guests are asked to provide their email address in order to log-in to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network, the hotel’s subscriber list grows quickly and consistently with quality data from guests who are already open to receiving emails from the brand. Hotels can then use this email list for instant upselling – sending emails to guests who are currently staying at the hotel – or after check-out to encourage repeat bookings.
  4. Create Data-Driven Loyalty
    Loyal customers are profitable customers, and this is especially true for hotels. Loyalty programs work because they make guests feel valued and understood, encouraging them to spend more or make repeat bookings.  Insight generated from guest Wi-Fi captures vital information on guests, allowing hotels to create personalized rewards and offers that each guest values. These can include free room upgrades, free restaurant meals or priority booking slots.
  5. Target Business Travelers
    The business travel market is a valuable market to tap into because it is less seasonal, more predictable and often leads to repeat bookings and stable revenue. Offering fast, secure Wi-Fi that copes with business user demand -- either in hotel rooms or in business suites/conference rooms -- will increase occupancy rates.





Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for guest Wi-Fi provider Beambox. Hannah writes articles on marketing technology and trends for hotels and hospitality businesses --  helping to drive growth, customer loyalty and ultimately, sales. Beambox works with thousands of small businesses, combining guest Wi-Fi with a marketing platform for lasting, effective insight. 

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