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3 Ways Hotels Can Leverage Digital Signage for Health & Safety

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On July 15 and 16, Samsung Electronics America held its Samsung Virtual Experience: Back to Business event  which focused on helping attendees learn how they can help their organizations get back to business and enable transformation in the ‘new normal.’ 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital signage was often used by hotels to be primarily informational. Common uses included: wayfinding, directing/welcoming large group, advertising loyalty program perks or sustainability practices, etc. However, these might no longer be the best use cases for digital signage in the wake of COVID-19.

During the event, Samsung offered some key takeaways on how hotels can repurpose their digital signage to be more useful both to management, staff and guests. Suggestions included:

  • Offer Staff Stats
    Repurpose digital signs from displaying typical hotel information to providing information about the associates. For example: they have been thermal scanned, or they have been trained on COVID-19 safety measures and are ready to assist. Provide real time stats on staff.
  • Provide Digital Concierges
    Also you can repurpose digital signage to act as digital concierges, to answer questions for guests, to provide information, to be a host for restaurants, etc.
  • Reinforce Social Distancing
    And  use digital signage to reinforce social distancing – many indicators point to COVID being with us for some time. Use digital signage to manage traffic flow and maintain distance. And to let guests know where there are crowded areas of the hotel so that they can go elsewhere  (beach instead of the pool, restaurant 2 instead of restaurant 1, walking instead of fitness center, etc.
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