Yext Strengthens Tripadvisor Integration to Improve Hotel Discoverability

Yext, Inc., the Answers company, announced the availability of new features for hospitality brands leveraging its Tripadvisor integration. The upgraded integration now supports more than 40 fields and allows hoteliers to add available options for recreation, dining, parking, and more.

The ability to manage such complete listings on Tripadvisor is currently unique to Yext, and of particular importance since, according to Yext customer data, location listings with more complete and optimized profiles receive 52% more clicks when compared against those that have fewer fields populated.

"Consumer preferences have changed. Travelers now rely on star ratings, customer reviews, business descriptions, property photos, amenities, and dozens of other data points before making any sort of informed decision," said Marc Ferrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer at Yext. "Hospitality brands that provide this level of detail will outperform their competitors every time. With Yext, it's never been easier for hoteliers to capture high-intent traffic from listings on Tripadvisor and hundreds of other places."

Yext syncs critical business information to more than 100 million location listings and pushes over a billion updates annually across the industry's largest network of direct integration partners, which includes platforms like Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Facebook, and many others. Added support for hotel-specific attributes on Tripadvisor is the latest example of continued innovation that has propelled Yext to the top of G2's Local Listings Management category for eight consecutive quarters.

"We're excited to partner with Yext to give hospitality brands more control over their listings," said Andy Roebuck, Group Head, Content Solutions at Tripadvisor. "With an increased level of detail on profiles, hotels are more likely to be discovered and travelers can more confidently evaluate their options when planning any sort of trip. Ultimately, content is key to success and Yext represents a great way for businesses to achieve that success on Tripadvisor."

Read more about the integration updates and explore Yext's best-in-class Location Listings solution here.

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