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Xenial Cloud Point of Sale Revolutionizes the Entire Ordering, Fulfillment, and Management Process for Enterprise-Level Businesses

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Gain visibility beyond the four walls

Data drives success. Cloud technology is designed to provide easy access to crucial metrics, even when you’re offsite. This enables multi-unit restaurant operators and corporate teams to seamlessly monitor key metrics across various locations through a centralized reporting portal.

You can track sales, labor expenses, check averages and other metrics that matter to you. You can even see if there is some kind of exception – such as a series of voids – that could signal theft. If you have multiple restaurants, you can monitor and compare their performance all at once.

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Save time with an integrated management platform

At one time restaurants had to work with different vendors that specialized in software to manage labor, payments, inventory and purchasing and other functions. And often, none of those systems spoke the same language. Today, an integrated POS system can connect all of that, as well as reservations, online ordering, menu and kitchen management, email marketing, loyalty programs and more.

Working with an integrated tool that handles many – if not all – of these functions reduces your administrative costs, handles tasks like scheduling and purchasing more efficiently, and has the potential to smooth both your operations and the customer experience.

Everything you need with one partner

Xenial comes as its own robust suite of tools. You get everything you need to run the store, even if the Internet goes down. You also get everything you need for management through the cloud. From taking an order to mass marketing efforts – you can do everything on our single platform that works seamlessly together.

Of course, Xenial plays nice with others too. A whole set of APIs allows Xenial to share data with a specific software tool that you prefer. Xenial is complete, robust and flexible.

There’s a lot of noise in the POS space, so parsing out the best system for restaurants also requires choosing the best partner. With over 35 years of experience in the QSR space and a digital ecosystem of technology, Xenial, a Global Payments company, is the all-encompassing solution.

“Cloud technology is designed to provide easy access to crucial metrics, even when you’re offsite.”
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Xenial hardware

“At-a-Glance” information:

Technology/solution type: Xenial Cloud Point of Sale, hardware and software.

Top 5 Most Innovative Features:

  1. Extensibility of APIs
  2. Reliable, scalable Simplicity and flexibility
  3. Rugged, proven terminals with the latest versatile features
  4. Avoid up-front capex and per terminal fees
  5. Avoided or reduced data center costs

Existing customers for this technology (just to name a few of many):

  • Taco Bell
  • Panda Express
  • Dennys
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Whataburger
  • Dutch Bros
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