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Web Content Solution Aids Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Interstate Hotels & Resorts (IHR), one of the nation's largest independent hotel management companies announces that it has entered into a preferred partnership with Avalon Report Corporation, a provider of web content management solutions for hotels. San Diego-based Avalon will provide Travel 2.0 monitoring services for participating hotels within IHR's portfolio.

"Adoption of the social media concept has exploded within the travel sector of the Internet and has made it imperative that hotel management understand the guest perceptions of their product in order to fully adopt successful revenue management techniques," says Pam Streeter, VP of distribution and marketing for IHR.

Through Avalon Report's 24/7 web enabled platform, IHR hotels will receive unlimited access to run reports at the necessary frequency for a particular marketplace. Interstate hotels subscribing to the Avalon Report's real-time system will receive complete traveler reviews and ratings, traveler-generated photos and video, competitor reviews, express web audits for hotel generated content and photography, and a robust keyword tracking search feature.

"We must understand not just how our rates fit into the competitive marketplace, but also how consumers perceive us," continues Streeter. "This knowledge allows greater comprehension of how to create a maximization of profits."

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