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VSi Intros High-Tech Self-Serve Concierge

Vertical Systems Incorporated (VSi) makes it possible for a hotel property of any size, brand, or price level to offer its guests with high-quality customized assistance at an affordable price. Called vConcierge, it is a self-service concierge station that provides travelers with instant around-the-clock access to local information and services such as restaurants, entertainment, attractions, and events. Navigation is user-friendly with dedicated links to key services.
In addition, vConcierge features internet access so guests can print airline boarding passes, print directions, check flight status, and book local transportation. They can also check e-mails, use Microsoft office software, or surf the web.
At full-service hotels with a concierge staff, vConcierge augments service levels, while at limited service hotels, it replaces the need for new staff and relieves the workload of existing staff.
Available as either a desktop model or a free-standing kiosk, vConcierge offers complete user identity protection with VSi’s proprietary FreshStart software and system architecture that erases all personal and confidential information after every log out.
The stations are leased monthly so they require no upfront capital investment by the hotel. They are supported by the company’s comprehensive customer care package that serves hoteliers 24/7 with a unique three-tier system of remote monitoring, call-in centers staffed by trained employees, and full product warrant plus maintenance.   

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