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TrustYou, Impala Collaborate for Data Exchange between Hotels and PMS


TrustYou announces its new collaboration with Impala, a platform delivering real-time hotel data to the hospitality industry. Through this new partnership, TrustYou is bringing its feedback platform closer to other essential hotel systems, with the aid of Impala’s universal API. With connectivity and smart integrations being crucial in today’s tech-led hospitality industry, TrustYou continuously facilitates the day-to-day operations of hoteliers and the efficiency of their tech stack.

Modern hoteliers need to be able to juggle multiple software solutions, each of them with their own specification and integration processes. These usually take months, and a considerable amount of manual effort. TrustYou’s Guest Survey and Messaging solutions are expected to enable seamless connections with multiple hotel PMSs, powered by Impala’s technology. This translates into a faster and smoother integration process and automated data exchange between systems. For hoteliers, the new partnership between TrustYou and Impala aims to mean less time and effort spent on the integration between systems and the transfer of guest data. The insights provided by guest surveys sent at exactly the right time and efficient communication between the hotel and their guests helps to result in richer guest profiles, more upsell opportunities, and enhanced guest loyalty.

Impala currently supports hotels running on Oracle Opera, Protel, Fidelio Suite8, Infor HMS, Guestline, Mews, Clock PMS, with more being released in the near future.


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