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Transforming Loyalty & Engagement With AI

Arun A.V. 2024 headshot
Arun A.V., Founder & CEO, Skellam AI, Qubriux Inc

Our data shows that AI is streamlining resraurant analytics, personalization, and inventory. What AI opportunities and/or challenges do you foresee in 2024? 

AI enables hyper-personalized experiences for customers by recommending dishes based on their preferences, dietary restrictions, and past orders. Advanced CDP platforms enable restaurants to send the right personalized promotions to the right customers at the right time. In inventory management, AI can analyze historical sales data, weather, local events, and even social media trends to predict demand more accurately. When demand forecasting is coupled with just in time promotions, it is effective in reducing food wastage by creating additional demand for the extra food cooked. Major challenges in using AI are going to be around data privacy and security, integration with existing tech echo systems and not losing the human touch amidst data driven personalization efforts. The key for restaurants will be to navigate these challenges thoughtfully, ensuring that while they harness AI's power to innovate and improve operations, they also remain vigilant about data security, ethical practices, and preserving the essential human elements that define the dining experience.

Kitchen automation, IoT, and robotics are booming. How do you believe they can help solve for rising costs and staffing challenges? 

Especially in QSR, Kitchen automation can be used to take care of the majority of the tasks which fits into the assembly line of cooking leaving the staff to focus more on engaging with customers and providing a seamless customer experience. One of the major challenges in the industry is attracting, training and retaining staff. Kitchen automation and robotics can solve this problem to a large extent. 

IT budgets continue to grow, including an increase in implementations of new solutions. What are some best practices for restaurant technology leaders seeking to maximize their investment dollars?

Restaurants should ensure that technology roadmap should be aligned with business objectives . Focus on solutions that offer a clear return on investment (ROI) and improvement in operational efficiency and customer retention. Investments should enhance customer experiences, such as through personalized marketing and loyalty programs, and leverage data analytics for operational insights and decision-making. Opt for scalable and flexible technologies that can grow and adapt with the business, ensuring systems integrate seamlessly to avoid data silos. Prioritize data security and compliance with industry regulations to protect sensitive customer information and maintain trust.

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