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Tips for Turning Shared Hotel Spaces into Functional Gathering Places


For some hotel guests, work doesn’t stop outside of the office. As a result, power and connectivity are expected accommodations. But accessibility and organization in a functional yet connected shared area at a hotel—like a huddle space or meeting room—are inexplicably uncommon. In providing them, a property can go to work for its guests as a preferable location for corporate functions, offsite team meetings, or day-to-day work. In this article, Legrand offers smart solutions and tips for turning shared spaces into functional, productive gathering places.

1. The Lobby

As the hotel’s hub, this area should be equipped with charging capabilities to give guests a reason to spend time in a space otherwise reserved for foot traffic. Allow guests to enjoy the property without being tied to their rooms by incorporating charging connections that sleekly blend into a space. Another solution? Equip tabletops with power outlets, USB charging, and internet connectivity for unmatched ease of access.

2. The Huddle Space/Meeting Room

Invest in solutions that enable productivity. Hotel operators should consider the following when updating these areas:

  1. Keep wires and cabling organized and out of sight while providing easy access to power and communications capabilities.
  2. Ensure your technology is up-to-date. Simplify retrofit technology upgrades by installing one low-profile application that conceals wires and cables over the floor.
  3. Add connections where they’re needed. Directly extend power, communications and A/V to the guest’s point-of-use: the tabletop.
  4. Fit more in smaller spaces. Provide essential A/V equipment while storing it out of sight in the ceiling for a functional, clutter-free space. 
  5. Customize your meeting room by bringing power, communications and A/V through the floor into open spaces in both new and retrofit applications. 

 3. Bar Area

Bars and restaurants are among the preferred spots for guests to work, socialize, and relax. This is especially the case for Millennials and younger travelers, who increasingly favor these gathering spots for getting work done. These desires must be met with easily accessible access to power and charging. One smart solution is to incorporate power access within lobby furniture to encourage guests to linger and enjoy the setting.

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