Sterling Launches End-to-End COVID-19 Health Testing Program for Employers

Sterling—a provider of background and identity services which works with a range of hospitality businesses from global hotel chains to food service groups —announced the launch of its COVID-19 health testing program for employers as they return to workplaces and maintain cultures of trust and safety during the pandemic. The managed end-to-end COVID-19 health testing program is customizable to fit the unique scenarios that companies across the United States are experiencing as they seek to create safe work environments for their employees, customers, and communities, and instill confidence in their businesses and brands.

The new suite of COVID-19 health testing services, which features active virus testing, are designed to enable companies to lead with their values. In addition, companies can tailor their testing program to meet their specific needs and build resiliency amid the uncertainty of the continuing pandemic.

“This is a stressful time for companies as they continue navigating through uncharted territory and define new best practices that strive to protect their employees, customers, and communities,” said Josh Peirez, CEO, Sterling. “As we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, employers don’t have to feel that they are in this alone. With our COVID-19 health testing services, Sterling eases the burden by coordinating a complete, flexible end-to-end program that helps companies stay true to their mission and values, build resilience into their organizations, and strengthen their foundations of trust and safety.”

Among the core assets that Sterling can uniquely provide to COVID-19 health testing clients:

  • Tailored programs and services that fit specific business needs and requirements.
  • A centralized, tech-enabled solution to administer and manage testing programs with ease.
  • Long-standing relationships with industry-leading lab partners.
  • Broad program coverage across the workplace—including employees, contractors, and partners.
  • Access to the latest, high-quality COVID-19 health testing solutions as they evolve and continue coming to market.
  • 45 years of background and identity services experience and deep industry expertise to guide and inform customized testing programs that maintain compliance and ensure alignment with company values.

Peter Lehmann, Chief Strategy Officer, Sterling, said, “In their return to workplace, employers are faced with uncertainty and rare circumstances for which there is little precedent. As employers seek to create safe environments for their employees, customers, and broader communities, while preserving their corporate cultures and sustaining company values, many don’t know how to go about it or even where to start. For each and every company, their return to work health testing program needs to be properly defined and managed, and tailored for their unique circumstances. With our flexible end-to-end COVID-19 health testing services, Sterling is lifting that burden off our clients’ shoulders so that they can focus on creating trust and safety in their workplace.” 

Full details on Sterling’s COVID-19 health testing program can be found at:

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