Star Micronics Introduces the TSP100IIIU Thermal Receipt Printer

Star Micronics, a provider of point of sale and proof of transaction technology, is proud to introduce the newest addition to the TSP100III series, the TSP100IIIU. Already offered with LAN, WLAN, or Bluetooth interface, Star Micronics is now offering the TSP100III with simple USB connectivity for intuitive use and easy integration.

Users will be able to enjoy the upgrades of the TSP100III series including faster print speed and a paper de-curl mechanism that provides a flat receipt, even when the receipt paper is at the end of its roll. Star Micronics has also brought back the power switch on this upgraded version of the TSP100IIIU, so business owners can shut down their printer and save power when closing shop. With its simple “plug and play” connectivity, and its new USB serial number feature, the PC will detect the TSP100IIIU on its Windows platform using any USB port. Star Micronics has also added product serial numbers to all of our TSP100IIIU printers for easy asset management.

With included internal power supply, power cables, complete mounting kits, and paper roll, the TSP100IIIU is the perfect printer for any mPOS bundle. As an upgrade of Star’s TSP100ECO printer, the TSP100IIIU can seamlessly replace your old printer to offer faster speed and increased reliability. It offers a small form factor and prints up to 43 receipts per minute (RPM) with “drop-in & print” paper loading for thin paper support and a guillotine auto-cutter. The TSP100IIIU is also compatible with Star Cloud Services, allowing users to offer their customers digital receipts through the AllReceipts™ app, and to engage with their customers for free.
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