Special Events

In restaurants, the point of service is the place where guests, employees and technology converge. Managing that interaction is a central challenge and concern for growing restaurant companies. To address that challenge, Hospitality Technology introduces The Point of Service Summit, which will be held June 14-16 in New York City. This strategic event will bring together leading operations, marketing and technology minds together to discuss business integration and the point of service.

Gina Pfeifer, vice president U.S. Business Integration for McDonaldÃ.‚¬™s Corporation will deliver the opening keynote address, "The Evolution of the Customer Experience" elaborating on the challenge of bringing operations, marketing and technology together at the worldÃ.‚¬™s largest restaurant company. In addition, the conference will feature senior level speakers from Burger King, Boston Market, Darden Restaurants and more, discussing topics ranging from giftcards, customer acquisition, to guest intelligence.

For a deeper look into what McDonaldÃ.‚¬™s has cooking, check out this monthÃ.‚¬™s cover story, "Forever Young," page 12. For more information or to register for HTÃ.‚¬™s 2006 Point of Service Summit, visit htmagazine.com.

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