Solay App for Hotels & Resorts Announces API Integration with Mews

Resort Technologies, LLC, proudly announces their product, Solay App, is now integrated with Mews through an open API connection to the Mews Marketplace. Solay is an intuitive mobile application eliminating the hassle and stress of unreserved pool and beach seating at hotels and resorts, offering properties a new revenue stream and the ability to manage safer social distancing for overnight guests.

The API integration between Solay App and Mews allows Hotels & Resorts to access the Solay service through the Mews Marketplace. Hoteliers can now find Solay in the Mews Marketplace where Mews provides its hotels powerful hospitality integrations offered to automate Hotel operations and generate more revenue.

With Solay now available in the Mews Marketplace, users of Mews around the globe can sign up for Solay at the click of a button, with no cost. In partnership with Mews, Solay aims to automate hotel operations by offering contactless use of the Solay service, while generating additional revenue for hotels and resorts. In addition, upon sign up, hoteliers now have the opportunity to receive real time access to all Solay reservation details, allowing time to set up safer seating arrangements for guests at their pools and beaches, as well as keep inventory selections up to date as needed.

Hotels and resorts can sign up for the Solay service through the Mews Marketplace or online at Solay is now available for free download in the iOS App Store and also available for Android users on the web. User fees are currently waived.

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