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Snackpass Leverages Esper's Powerhouse Capabilities to Achieve Operational Excellence

Esper's intuitive device management features and advanced remote control catapult Snackpass to new operational heights, enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences for quick-service restaurants.
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The Challenge

Snackpass is empowering the next generation of restaurants by equipping quick-service establishments with cutting-edge hardware solutions that optimize their back and front-of-house operations. Their diverse hardware offerings, including self-serve kiosks, digital displays, tablets, and kitchen display systems (KDS), enable restaurants to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

However, to effectively manage their extensive fleet of devices, they needed a more robust device management solution. Previous solutions lacked essential functionalities such as swift device location and smooth remote control capabilities which created unnecessary complexities and slowed their team down.

The Solution

With Esper, Snackpass found the intuitive and granular control they needed to manage their diverse device fleet effortlessly. Esper stood out against other MDMs thanks to its sophisticated device management features including:

  • Complete remote control of any device at any time
  • Detailed insights into device stats and usage
  • API-driven integrations that automate routine processes
  • Instant real-time alerts based on custom settings 
  • Dependable customer support
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“Esper is an indispensable tool for managing our devices. It allows us to effectively manage our devices both individually and as a cohesive unit. When deciding on hardware for our fleet, our first priority is ensuring it’s compatible with the Esper platform." —Sejun Park, Head of Hardware at Snackpass

Esper's intuitive user experience enabled Snackpass to operate more seamlessly than ever before. The user-friendly interface helps teams accomplish tasks effortlessly, fostering self-sufficiency and speed. And onboarding new users is a breeze, as they can quickly grasp how to use the platform and get started easily.

Esper's built-in remote control feature helps Snackpass’s support team more effectively serve customers. Even from a distance, they can quickly diagnose and resolve customer issues, avoiding the need to escalate problems to engineering or product teams, saving time for both them and their customers.

Leveraging Esper's robust APIs, Snackpass can remotely retrieve the performance and health data of any individual device or group of devices in their fleet. Customized alerts keep them in the loop, instantly notifying the team if a device deviates from its desired state. Whether a device goes offline or a battery is running low, the team receives timely alerts, enabling them to take immediate action.

With Esper by their side, Snackpass has achieved true operational excellence, allowing them to deliver even more value to their customers. Sejun Park, Head of Hardware at Snackpass noted, “Ten out of ten, we prefer using Esper over what we previously used. The intuitive UI, smooth functionality, and dependable customer support are a combination we haven’t found with any other MDM provider. We are so thankful time and again to be working with them."

About Esper

Esper provides seamless end-to-end management of dedicated devices within a stable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. With robust capabilities for device lockdown, kiosk mode, remote control, over-the-air updates, deployment pipelines, and more, organizations can automate standard device operations and focus on innovation.

Regularly shipping software is essential for implementing customer feedback and creating customized experiences. Esper’s device infrastructure enables developers, mid-market organizations, and enterprise fleets of 100,000+ devices to deliver their software as a service regardless of hardware. Esper has rapidly growing global customer adoption among some of the world’s most innovative major brands in retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, education, and more.

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