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Shilla Hotel in Seoul Adds Outdoor Television to its Swimming Pool

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The Terrace, a new outdoor addition to Samsung’s lifestyle TV portfolio has been installed at the iconic ‘Urban Island’ swimming pool of The Shilla Hotel in Seoul, bringing industry-leading QLED 4K display technology poolside for the first time.

The new lifestyle TV was specially designed to bring the full indoor experience outside and to address fast-evolving global lifestyle habits and trends. The Terrace was first launched in May in the U.S. and Canada, with further rollouts planned in other regions for later this year.

The brilliant picture quality and impressive durability of The Terrace ensure that immersive home entertainment can be enjoyed in any environment. To make sure that the QLED 4K display performs reliably in all environments, The Terrace is IP55 rated as waterproof and dustproof, ensuring high-quality content remains intact in all sorts of outdoor conditions.

The Terrace also delivers incredible brightness at 2,000 nits and anti-reflection technology so that viewers can enjoy more vivid images on demand. Even under direct sunlight, Samsung’s adaptive picture technology senses the TV’s environmental surroundings and automatically optimizes the display’s brightness in real-time.

The audio experience is equally distinctive with ‘The Terrace Soundbar,’ which delivers powerful, high-quality three-dimensional sound. Also carrying an IP 55 rating, The Terrace Soundbar is weather-resistant and durable outdoors and features distortion canceling technology that provides clear, rich sound for a lively audio experience, regardless of the surrounding environment.

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