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Seattle Restaurateur Upgrades 17-Year-Old POS

After seventeen years, The Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House of Seattle, Washington, turned to SquirrelOne from Squirrel Systems in a bid to replace its outdated price-look-up (PLU) based point-of-sale system.

From the start, the system was outdated, requiring staff to memorize long lists of PLU codes resulting in keying errors. In addition, Brooklyn Seafood's credit card processing solution was not integrated with the POS and resulted in long lines for the payment processing terminals because servers were required to settle on the same terminal at which they authorized the transaction versus being able to settle on any terminal on the system.

"Our old system only provided a single line review. There was no way to review the entire order before sending it off to the kitchen or bar," says general manager, Rick Cicco. "This caused a lot of keying errors."

The new touchscreen-based system, leads servers through the order process through on-screen prompts and ensures that orders are modified correctly and completely through pop-up windows that force servers to enter all required modifiers that apply to an item in the correct order for production. "Not having to enter a four digit code for each item, add-on and modifier has resulted in a 50-75% reduction in the time it takes to enter a single order," explains Cicco.

The new system also solves the payment card processing solution. Furthermore the Brooklyn plans to implement an integrated gift card solution in the near future. "It's all about providing outstanding guest service," says Cicco. "The impact of the time and error reductions that we have realized goes straight to the bottom line."
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