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Revolutionizing the Drive-Thru: The Future of Fast Food With Eyecue Computer Vision

Eyecue computer vision is a cutting-edge technology that uses cameras and machine learning in the drive-thru to analyze customer behavior and movements and optimize the flow of traffic in your busiest sales channel.
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One of the most compelling features of Eyecue is its ability to detect when a customer has arrived at the drive-thru and signals to staff using real-time data to their live dashboards. This helps to ensure that orders are ready quickly, reducing wait times and provides a more efficient and satisfying experience for customers. 

Another innovative feature of Eyecue is its ability to monitor the flow of traffic in the drive-thru. By analyzing the number of cars in the queue and the speed at which they are moving, Eyecue can help restaurants relocate staff within the restaurant to ensure that orders are being prepared and served as quickly as possible. This helps to reduce bottlenecks and improve the overall efficiencies of the drive-thru operation, ultimately leading to increased revenue. 

Additionally, Eyecue can be used as a staff training and motivational tool. The real time alerts on the dashboards can be set up to send the right call to action at the right time, giving staff the ability to make quick decisions, helping them stay engaged and confident they are making the right decision. Managers also have the ability to review past events to help with future operational decisions using historical data. 

Fingermark is a strong technology partner for those within QSR looking to expand their digital footprint. Our expertise in computer vision and machine learning within this industry has seen us working with brands like Mcdonalds, Chick-Fil-A and YUM. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in developing and deploying advanced systems, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and support. 

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Eyecue, world leading computer vision technology in the drive-thru:

  1. Provides real-time analytics and data tools with live dashboards for staff
  2. Monitors traffic flow in the drive-thru lane to optimize staffing levels
  3. Reduce wait times and improve the overall customer experience
  4. Provides staff training and motivation tools to keep staff engaged
  5. Ability to review and adjust operational processes with historical data and replay tools 
“Eyecue helps to reduce bottlenecks and improve the overall efficiencies of the drive-thru operation, ultimately leading to increased revenue.”
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