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Report Reveals 73 Percent of Restaurants Plan to Upgrade Tech within Year

As the adoption of restaurant technology persists in every facet of the restaurant industry, from cafes to fast casual restaurants, it’s imperative that restaurant owners understand not only which technology trends restaurateurs are gravitating towards, but why. 
The team at Toast surveyed hundreds of restaurateurs in the industry to answer this question in The Restaurant Technology in 2015 Industry. Report.
Key Highlights
73% of restaurants are planning to upgrade their technology within the year.

46% of restaurateurs look at their business reports and metrics every day.

52% of restaurateurs said "advanced functionality" and "ease of use" would be their top reasons for replacing their existing method or software.

50% of restaurateurs currently pay for 2-5 restaurant technology vendors.

The top features restaurateurs are looking for in a POS upgrade are: inventory management (20%), online ordering (13%) and PCI compliance (9%).
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