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Rainmaker Debuts revcaster Platform

The Rainmaker Group (Rainmaker) announced the official launch of its next generation revcaster platform at AAHOA 2017. An affordable, easy-to-use and flexible solution developed specifically to meet the needs of limited service and mid-market hotels, the new revcaster platform brings actionable insights on market, demand, and property dynamics to the surface. This data transparency provides hoteliers with the relevant information they need to identify opportunities and to make pricing decisions and changes that will drive better revenue outcomes for their operation.
Many hotels don’t have the ability to make dynamic pricing decisions. If they make them at all, they are often based on data that has been gathered and analyzed from a variety of disconnected spreadsheets, reports, and systems which is a time consuming and inefficient process. This antiquated process makes it difficult to stay on top of key market metrics and ultimately results in pricing outcomes that are less than desirable for the property, the company said.
Rainmaker’s new revcaster platform addresses this challenge by simplifying and enhancing existing processes in an intelligent and results-driven manner that provides a cost-effective alternative for these hotel operators. The additions and enhancements to the revcaster rate shopping solution are the first to be released following its acquisition by Rainmaker in 2015, and the next generation platform represents a major innovation for revenue optimization in the mid-market.
“Best Western selected revcaster as our rate-shopping provider five years ago, recognizing them at the time as a highly innovative startup with excellent customer service,” said Monte Gardiner, managing director of revenue management for Best Western Hotels and Resorts. “Their unique, extensive revenue management experience in the mid-market segment has continued to help us improve performance for members ever since, and we continue to be excited about their focus on innovation and customer service as part of the Rainmaker portfolio.”
Key features of Rainmaker’s next generation revcaster platform include:
  • The ability to integrate and analyze data from varying sources, such as rate shopping, PMS, weather, events, and benchmarking data (STR)
  • The ability to collaborate, manage and share data across different groups, teams, and organizations
  • Analyze information with customizable, user-friendly dashboards
  • The ability to quickly surface key, actionable insights from all property data with a powerful, flexible rules and alerts engine

The next generation revcaster platform also includes enhanced rate shopping tools, which provide competitive intelligence functionalities and analytics. This revcaster next generation rate shopping solution provides significant enhancements to the functionality of the original revcaster solution, including the ability to create custom dashboards, widgets, and rules/alerts based on rate shopping data. 

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