PurpleCloud Adds Required Training Module to Free Covid Response (CR) Task Platform

PurpleCloud announced that it has added a new section to PurpleCloud CR (COVID Response) that enables users to complete all required training sessions and provides supervisors the tools to insure that the requirements have been met.  

PurpleCloud CR can now help hotels better assign and track the completion of today’s greatly expanded training programs, which help ensure a safe environment for staff and guests,” PurpleCloud CEO and Co-founder Adria Levtchenko explained, “In addition to brand audits, the data collected will also help supervisors track trends that can lead to more efficient training programs.” 

A streamlined free version of its hotel task optimization platform, PurpleCloud CR (Covid Response) helps hospitality organizations meet today’s enhanced housekeeping and related cleaning protocols.  It is practical, easy to train on and built on a proven platform, complete with written and spoken multi-language capabilities. While helping them immediately with the Covid-19 challenge, management will be able to appreciate the task strategies and work flows built into the full PurpleCloud platform. 

The PurpleCloud CR platform includes comprehensive training materials that operate on tablets, smartphones or computers already owned by the hotel organization or its team members. It does not require any hardware or software investment and can be easily customized to individual property, brand or regulatory standards.  

Users of PurpleCloud CR are able to: 

  • Complete COVID-19 checklists following Ecolab and CDC guidelines; 
  • View COVID-19 training materials; 
  • Send messages to departments or associates directly in order to avoid face-to-face communication; 
  • Send and view images of items around the property; 
  • Print or export checklist results to guests for full transparency of safety measures; 
  • Go “on break” in a timed manner to avoid overcrowding; and 
  • Conduct contact tracing should a guest or staff member become ill. 

detailed overview of PurpleCloud CR  is available online.  To sign up for the free service please visit the PurpleCloud CR web page. 

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