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Provide a Branded Online Ordering Experience

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Tor Opedal, Vice President & General Manager, Payments, Olo

Please speak to the benefits of a customizable web and mobile ordering solution for restaurants.

Customization enables restaurants to provide a branded online ordering experience that guests can trust. Brands can set up their ordering flow to mirror the in-restaurant experience, while also leveraging dynamic imagery, intuitive menu grouping, upsell opportunities, and frictionless checkout with multiple payment options to drive increased basket size and frequency. Most importantly, with full data ownership, brands can better understand their guests and personalize the dining experience at every touch point to maximize lifetime value.

Emerging ordering channels are growing in popularity. What are some critical considerations for implementing ordering via social and messaging, in-car, voice, and/or kiosk?

For me, the biggest consideration is how to securely process payments on these channels. The ability to save a card on file, use a mobile wallet, or log in without the hassle of recalling a password will be critical to widespread adoption. Guest expectations are constantly evolving and frictionless checkout is no longer a nice to have—it’s the difference between an abandoned cart and a repeat visitor. By creating a seamless ordering and payment experience across platforms, restaurant brands can offer convenience and choice, while building guest confidence and long-term loyalty.

How can a frictionless payment process enhance digital sales?

Approximately 7 out of 10 online shoppers abandon their cart, according to Baymard Institute, so it’s mission-critical for brands to eliminate friction in the checkout process to increase the odds of conversion. Restaurants can drive direct digital sales by removing online ordering barriers like password management, lengthy forms, and manual credit card entry. On the flip side, by offering multiple, secure payment options such as mobile wallet support, the ability to save cards on file, as well as passwordless login and checkout, brands can make their restaurant website or app the ordering platform of choice for guests over Third Party Marketplaces.

How can restaurants optimize the delivery process, from ordering to kitchen to last mile?

The first step to scaling delivery is optimizing your restaurant website and mobile app for conversion. Guests are more likely to place a delivery order if your website and app are quick to load, the “Order Delivery” button is easy to find, and the process of placing an order is frictionless from start to finish. Be especially mindful of the checkout experience. Lengthy forms, limited payment options, account creation prompts, and surprise fees can be big turnoffs. A comprehensive payment platform like Olo Pay can set up your brand for success. Next, it’s important to leverage technology partners that seamlessly integrate with other vendors, such as loyalty, KDS, marketplaces, and more, that way you can analyze guest behavior and identify opportunities to enhance the delivery experience. Lastly, restaurants should consider using an integrated delivery network like Olo’s Dispatch, which automatically pairs third-party couriers to native delivery orders, to expand their reach.


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