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Restaurant Inventory Control Made Easy!

Product Name: COGS+
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 775.393.9775
Contact Person: Bill Lindsey


Our mission at COGS-Well is to make inventory control, recipe management, and menu analysis much easier for restaurant operators. Our products can be installed in just a day or two and they can be maintained with minimal time and effort.

The challenge with other restaurant inventory systems is they take months to install and many hours each week to keep up to date. COGS-Well has automated the tedious, manual processes that are otherwise common to inventory control systems.

Our team at COGS-Well consists of dedicated professionals who have been successfully delivering management systems to restaurants for many years. We knew an inventory control and menu management system should be easier and we have delivered it.

“If COGS-Well’s mission is to make inventory control faster to implement and easier to use, then it is mission accomplished for COGS-Well”.
Gerald Tipton, President
Lucy Buffett’s Lulu’s


COGS-Well is a comprehensive inventory control, recipe management, and menu analysis system. Our products are focused on these three aspects of restaurant management so we can deliver best of breed functionality. Below is a product feature overview:

Cogs-well products
*Interfaces to POS, Vendor, AP Automation, and Accounting systems.

Advanced Technology: COGS-Well is cloud-based software that is built using Google’s Angular technology. It is compatible with any device or browser. Our development platform optimizes every feature to run on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Innovations & Differentiators:

Fast and Easy Initial System Setup: At COGS-Well, we do the installation of the inventory item, menu item, and POS financial total databases for our customers. Unlike other restaurant inventory system providers, we do the system setup in just a few days and for just a few hundred dollars.

Easier Invoice Processing: Inventory item detail from all invoices is digitally imported into COGS-Well which save hours and improves accuracy (most inventory systems require some or all invoice detail to be manually entered).

“Of the six systems I tested, COGS-Well is by far the best at simplifying vendor items. It all starts with invoice management because digitizing invoice data saves a significant amount of time and substantially lowers the error rate relative to manual tracking of invoices”.
Will Strong, Senior Advisor
Cherry Lane Ventures.

Simple New Item Updates: COGS-Well maintains a robust “inventory definitions” library which automatically assigns the counting units and recipe units to any new or substitute inventory items. This eliminates the requirement to manually update new items which is typical of other inventory systems.

Flexible Recipe Units: COGS-Well has created a “recipe unit” library that allows a user to use any recipe unit of measure, and any recipe unit type, for an ingredient in a recipe. Ingredients can also use a different recipe unit for different recipes.


COGS-Well works equally well for independent and chain restaurants; limited-service and full- service restaurants; as well as commissaries and bars. Our customers include:
“The support COGS-Well has provided me has been excellent. The entire team is very dedicated to our success”.
Noah Kopito, Director of Kitchen Operations