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Post-MURTEC Insights From Panasonic


What were the highlights at MURTEC 2023: All In for you and your brand?

The opportunity to engage with customers and restaurant industry professionals to chart our industry’s future was a highlight. What was clear is that all customers are looking for technology solutions to help reimagine their business, but all are on vastly different stages of their digital technology journeys and MURTEC 2023 emphasized that utilizing the right technologies is crucial to meet ever-evolving customer demands. This honest appraisal is needed to chart the right path forward.

Multi-unit and quick serve restaurants have shown resilience and flexibility in the face of challenges, but there remains a need to elevate both the worker and customer experience. From superior digital experiences to flexible ordering processes to simplified pickup and delivery options, technology solutions will continue to impact how people engage with restaurants. We also had engaging conversations around emerging technology applications. While there is so much that this industry can learn and apply from other areas of the enterprise that have made transformations, those solutions must fit the unique needs of the restaurants.

Where did we land on a path forward? Customers desire comprehensive solution’s ecosystems that simultaneously improve the worker experience and overcome staffing or talent shortages while also giving customers the digitally-enhanced, use-as-you-please dining experience in which they can engage to the extent they want. The restaurant of the future will have so many elements we see in dining today (self-service, table pay, merchandise promotions, digital menus, order preferences, and more) but they will work together in new ways. For the restaurants that connect these elements, they will deliver memorable dining experiences.

What did you learn from networking at MURTEC 2023?

The industry is evolving as customer preferences continue to change and restaurant owners also deal with labor shortages among other challenges. What we heard from nearly everyone we spoke with is that technology is playing a key role in the success of their business and the food service industry. In order to be competitive, businesses must realize that the customer is getting even savvier and more demanding when it comes to convenient, easy, and elevated digital experiences, so you’ve got to find new ways to keep them coming back in a way that also supports employees. One example where technology is already supporting many businesses in this way is through self-ordering kiosks. Customers gain a personalized ordering channel that also decreases their wait time, while employees can be deployed more strategically to focus on other important tasks and customer service activities. In this new restaurant reality, businesses need to be able to quickly pivot, identify their individual opportunities, and make the appropriate investments. Knowing how to support your team throughout the entire journey is also key.

What solutions did you present to the MURTEC community?

Customer demand for enhanced digital experiences and flexible ordering continues to rise as restaurants adopt new business models and look to support both customers and employees in all aspects of the experience. Our solutions are focused on enabling restaurants to do this, with a focus on increasing productivity, minimizing customer wait times, and eliminating costly errors. We displayed several of our advanced customizable and flexible point of sale (POS) systems including the Stingray® JS980 and JS985 terminals. Both are modular in design and software agnostic. The JS985 has multiple controller setup options and quickly snaps into place for quick changes.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a drive-thru customer than not being able to hear what the worker is saying – and vice versa. We also featured the Attune HD Drive-Thru Communication System, which features noise-cancelling technology to keep the lines of communication clear. For busy drive-thrus, tablets are another great tool for line busting, so customers aren’t waiting too long to order. Our rugged TOUGHBOOK G2 tablet, engineered for any condition and featuring built in screen technology to make it easily viewed in the daylight, dark, or during harsh weather, was also on display. With an 18-hour battery life, workers don’t need to worry about swapping a tablet during their shift, so they can focus their attention on the customers which is one of many things our visitors liked about our products.

Finally, when it comes to digital menu boards, customers want to see crisp, clear graphics that make the ordering experience seamless. We showed off our digital menu boards that are designed for indoor and outdoor use and built to withstand any weather conditions. They include an automatic daypart menu that allows easy content updates to all locations. This also means menus can be easily customized on the fly, to cross-sell and up-sell, and promote specials.

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