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POS Helps Popular Chicago Eatery Streamline Ops and Saves Time and Money

Established in 1966 in Chicago, the family-friendly Gino's East began its deep-dish pizza adventure with customers so attached to its atmosphere that they began scribbling their names on the wall to remember their visit. With a wide array of menu options, Gino's is most famous for its patty-style sausage and flaky, buttery crust pizza. Considered a true pizza “legend” by many loyal customers, Gino’s East has been featured on the Travel Channel, the Food Network, Man Vs. Food, Pizza Wars and more.
Gino’s East has been in business for nearly 50 years, with few changes in its daily operations process. The famous eatery has been working toward revamping its overall operations, with a goal of freeing up management’s time to help improve day-to-day tasks, as well as save money.   
Gino’s needed a powerful POS solution that would help optimize processes, reduce employee errors in order taking, track inventory better to reduce waste and use customer data in order to create effective marketing campaigns. Handling these tasks manually was not a cost-effective or realistic option.
A new POS system also would have to be cost effective, seamlessly transition into the restaurant’s current environment and be easy for staff members to learn and use.
“With our previous system, a lot of my time was taken up manually collecting data and running countless reports,” owner James Dolan says. “It was not efficient, and it simply didn’t work for our needs. We realized we required a cost-effective technology solution that that would give us the custom functionality we needed, without slowing us down.”
Seeking an end-to-end solution
While saving time and reducing costs were factors in selecting a solution, additional benefits, including eliminating tedious tasks, reducing human error and accomplishing more in fewer steps, played a big role.
Gino’s East researched POS options that would help improve all areas of its restaurant, ultimately selecting Harbortouch. The most compelling criteria for choosing Harbortouch was ease-of-use, performance and excellent customer service.
Harbortouch offers a full range of merchant services, supplying POS systems, electronic cash registers and credit card processing terminals. Harbortouch’s unique POS solution offers a wide range of robust features, including ticket splitting, item sharing, discounting and the ability to easily update menus. Harbortouch’s advanced reporting features provide owners and managers with an accurate, top-level picture of their restaurant’s operations. With dozens of reports available that can provide insight to the “big picture,” Harbortouch’s software also allows users to monitor detailed financial and sales breakdowns, track inventory, identify sales trends and monitor employee performance, payroll and scheduling.
The Harbortouch team custom built a POS system tailored to Gino’s unique operations. Harbortouch transformed Gino’s operations into a custom business management system, allowing Dolan to efficiently optimize daily business. After Harbortouch installed the POS system and quickly trained restaurant staff members, Dolan says he is able to easily conduct real-time management of the restaurant, with simple access to everything going on in the restaurant from one convenient location.
“From one simple vantage point in front of our new POS system, I’m now able to check and see what orders have gone back, what’s on time, how late things are, what deliveries are out and more,” he notes. “With Harbortouch, I get a universal picture of the entire system, all available right at my fingertips.”
Delivering ROI in cost and labor savings
Since it has teamed up with Harbortouch, the popular pizzeria has dramatically improved its daily workflows and kept costs down. By leveraging Harbortouch’s innovative software,  Dolan said he has been able to manage multiple operations through the new POS system, including accepting cash, checks, credit and debit; placing orders; accessing reports; tracking inventory; and, managing employees. In addition, the eatery has been able to minimize ordering errors, as well as decrease accounting and bookkeeping expenses via user-friendly reporting capabilities. Gino’s East is now achieving its revenue goals and streamlining its daily operational processes.
“We are now efficiently managing our business which gives us more time to spend interacting with and servicing our customers,” Dolan states.  
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