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Pieology Announces R&D Restaurant


Pieology, the creator of personally-inspired pizzas, announced its newest addition to the Pieology portfolio, Pieology Pizzeria R&D. Located in Aliso Viejo, California, the restaurant will serve as the brand’s epicenter for research and development for Pieology restaurants across the country. This custom restaurant concept will aid the brand in its pursuit to stay on the cutting edge of product innovation and consumer preferences within the fast-casual pizza market.

Foodies and flavor fanatics can expect exclusive Pieology items worthy of their next food-centric Instagram post. Offering the brand’s familiar favorites as well as new flavors in a service-oriented environment, the location will boast a broad, rotating menu of exciting new offerings and concepts. From new ingredients to creative flavor combinations, each dining experience at Pieology R&D will be different than the last.

“While some brands plateau in success, we want to continue to think outside the box and push our limits. Pieology R&D is a direct reflection of our investment in research and development to explore new creations and offerings,” said Pieology Chief Operating Officer, Clay Sanger. “We want to hear directly from consumers what they want to see from Pieology. No idea is too wild or flavor combination too bold – we want to explore it all with the help of our loyal customers.”

Leading the charge in this flavor exploration will be world renowned chef Glenn Cybulski. The award-winning chef and certified Italian Pizzaiolo brings over 25 years of restaurant experience to Pieology R&D, where he looks forward to combining his technical skills and expertise from the Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli with customer feedback and inspiration to deliver the future of fast causal pizza.

Pieology R&D will offer the brand the rare opportunity to receive a continued flow of consumer feedback, while allowing consumers to have a voice in the brand’s decision-making journey. Each dining experience will tap the customers’ creativity to gain insights and feedback that will in turn effect the restaurant’s decisions and offerings. Each table at the restaurant will have consumer feedback cards, in addition to a URL survey option, to share feedback directly with the brand.


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