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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance with Tripwire


A major advertising campaign by Visa states that the card is accepted "everywhere you want to be." Unfortunately, and through no fault of Visa, a great deal of credit card data and other sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands. News reports of high-profile credit card or credit card data loss and compromise are frequent, prompting calls in the press and from the government for additional data protection regulation.

As a result of these incidents, the pressure to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has increased significantly. Compliance is no longer an option; it's a requirement and failure to meet PCI DSS requirements can result in monetary penalties or even the suspension or revocation of a company's right to accept or process credit card transactions. Fortunately, these standards amount to best practices that keep your systems, hardware, and data secure -- critical for customer trust and your reputation.

Tripwire has been helping companies manage and monitor their technology systems for years, protecting hardware, networks, databases, and data from internal and external attacks and unintentional or unforeseen impacts of system change or human error. Helping you meet PCI DSS requirements is a natural extension of what we've been doing all along. In fact, TripwireÕ® Enterprise meets many of the more complex PCI DSS requirements right out of the box. With Tripwire Enterprise, you continuously collect information to generate needed reports and evidence of PCI DSS compliance, making your audit a quick task instead of a lengthy project.

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