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Papa Gino's Enriches Business Intelligence With POS

Papa Gino’s, Inc. completed a rollout of SpeedLine point of sale software to 273 corporately-owned Papa Gino’s Pizza and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches restaurant locations. The new store POS software connects with all the company’s existing head office systems, nine external systems, and SpeedLink Enterprise at Papa Gino’s headquarters, automating many tasks and feeding a data warehouse and business intelligence engine.
In addition to providing transaction-level detail to the company’s financial management and BI systems above store, with the new infrastructure complete, the SpeedLine POS systems in the stores provide a seamless integration at the point of sale with the chain’s loyalty, web ordering, payment, gift, and customer satisfaction survey systems. They also connect with the Papa Gino’s primary supplier for automated purchasing and receiving.
SpeedLine and Papa Gino’s released an in-depth case study today, part of the SpeedLine Connected Restaurant Series, describing the scope and business impact of the custom integration work completed in advance of this multi-concept rollout.
In February, the company wrapped up the first phase of the rollout, with SpeedLine POS systems installed in 113 D’Angelo locations. When the company resumed the rollout, they continued replacing the POS software and upgrading hardware in 10 Papa Gino’s locations every week.

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