NRF 2016 NEWS: Automated Solution Reduces Cash-Loss and Increases Productivity

APG Cash Drawer, LLC, a global manufacturer of cash drawer solutions and other POS related products, announces the launch of SMARTtill™ automation technology at NRF 2016 in New York. SMARTtill™ automation is a revolution in cash management. It enables retailers to reduce cash-loss, decrease the time and cost of cash-handling, while improving in-store productivity and customer service.  
Key benefits of SMARTtill™ automation include:
Provides cash visibility across all point of sale locations
Complete audit trail of all cash handling activities at point of sale
Alerts when float-top ups and cash-lifts are required
Reduces till snatch theft opportunities
Saves time on counting and balancing/reconciling the till.
Catches mistakes and alerts the cashier or management of discrepancies immediately
Identifies cash losses at the transaction level
The SMARTtill technology automatically counts the cash contents of each individual coin and note compartment after every transaction. The information is then available electronically and can be used to automate, audit and improve store management. Retailers no longer need to issue floats for each cashier, count their cash at the beginning or end of shift or perform random till checks. All of this can be done real time, anytime in the cash office.
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