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NRA 2017 NEWS: NCR Launches the Next Generation of NCR Console

NCR Corporation has announced the integration of its cloud-based back office product, NCR Console Advanced Reporting, with its NCR Aloha platform. This technology helps restaurants improve reporting across all work streams and is available now in the U.S and Canada.

The Console Advanced Reporting solution offers detailed reporting and easy-to-use management tools in one time-saving dashboard. With an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail and automated forecasting, restaurants have comprehensive reporting at their fingertips.

“Console Advanced Reporting has made everything easier for us,” says Mike McKinley, franchise owner of Whit’s Frozen Custard. “We have four locations in multiple cities, so the cloud connectivity means we can access it from anywhere. The reporting and data functions are the most valuable to us, as it allows us to view sales trends at various times and locations to easily keep us informed of what's going on with our business.”

NCR Console’s advanced reporting functionality helps restaurants get the data they need as activity occurs in the restaurant.  Its user-friendly dashboard provides comparative reports, illustrating detailed trends at corporate, franchise and store levels. Console Advanced Reporting’s functions and data analysis address a number of business challenges including, data consolidation across multiple stores, too much time spent on manual processes and day-to-day operations visibility. Simple displays allow management to analyze overall performance and help make informed business decisions.

Console Advanced Reporting also has an operational calendar where you can overlay activities and metrics, like sales, product data and, even displaying integrated factors like weather.

Console Advanced Reporting fits seamlessly into the NCR Hospitality portfolio, providing additions and improvements to enrich every step in the restaurant managing and operating process. Console is a back office reporting solution that is designed to be used without any system administration or setup. This is unusual for back office systems. Console leverages a real-time data feed and is a browser application, meaning that is available from any laptop or tablet device – so operators can be on the go, outside of the store to view and interact with rich store reporting.

With its launch, NCR shows its commitment to continuing the technological development of the user experience.

NCR’s exhibition of software, hardware and solutions will be on display at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, at Booth #6229.
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