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Nowait & Yelp Partnership Enables Diners to Remotely Join Line at Restaurants

Nowait, the mobile network for casual-dining restaurants, has announced a partnership with Yelp Inc., enabling Yelp users to enjoy the Nowait experience of viewing nearby restaurants’ wait times and “getting in line” remotely with the Yelp app. Catering to restaurants that don’t take reservations, Nowait helps them replace traditional pen-and-paper and buzzers with its front-of-house, iPad-based system.
As part of the partnership, Yelp will be making an $8 million strategic investment. Nowait offers thousands of casual-dining restaurants, including national chains such as Chili’s and First Watch, as well as independent hotspots such as in New York City’s Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant, P.J. Clarke’s on the Hudson, and Penelope.
In the coming months, the Nowait experience will be integrated into Yelp, enabling people to see current wait times at thousands of restaurants nationwide and 'get in line' remotely via the Yelp app when there is a wait. Since launching their guest app, Nowait has seated more than 500 million guests to date and continues to seat more than 30 million guests every month.
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