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Northwest Seafood Restaurateur Cuts Costs Via POS

Mad Anthony's, a Washington-based operator of more than 20 seafood restaurants throughout Washington and Oregon, announces that Dinerware, Inc., a Seattle-based developer of restaurant POS software, assisted a customer-led deployment of its POS system in all of its Anthony's Restaurant locations.

After careful consideration and input from the home office, general managers, and members of their wait staff, the project team leader, Geri Sellers, backed by CFO Ray Caldwell, and owner Budd Gould, made the final decision to deploy Dinerware throughout all 23 of Anthony's Restaurant locations.

With Dinerware's restaurant POS software, the general managers at each Anthony's location now have control of their Dinerware system and can make their own menu changes, create new jobs and employees, and access critical reports. This ability to take ownership of the software allows the operator to make changes quickly, and with less need for support; Anthony's Restaurants anticipates savings of $150,000 to $200,000 per year in service-related costs.

"As an organization, we are very concerned with the accuracy of information," says CFO Caldwell. "We spent too much time with the previous system correcting errors, and the data entry was difficult to work with. The ability to have accurate information without repair has been very helpful."
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