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NRA Show News: SpotOn Introduces Proprietary Restaurant Point-of-Sale Hardware

spoton pos

SpotOn unveiled the new SpotOn Restaurant, which combines the restaurant point-of-sale software with a suite of proprietary, patent-pending hardware designed by SpotOn. The new SpotOn Restaurant was built for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, making it easier for restaurant staff to deliver a seamless experience for their guests.

As a majority of restaurant operators describe their restaurant's technology as lagging rather than leading*, SpotOn set out to build a suite of premium hardware to meet the evolving needs of a modern restaurant. This includes the 15.6” Station, the 10” Counter, and the 6.5” Handheld, designed with input from highly-respected restaurant owners and operators in SpotOn’s Restaurant Advisory Council. 

  • Adding new features, functionalities, and modules to existing POS is a priority for 71% of respondents, according to HT’s  2023 POS Software Trends Report.

  • Station, the 15.6” point-of-sale features a HD touchscreen with a slender design that makes it quick and easy for servers to input orders from large menus with many modifiers while maintaining a small footprint. The Station is offered in multiple configurations, including an attached or detached guest-facing display, base payment reader, or side-mounted payment reader, all featuring contactless and dip payments technology. 
  • Counter, the 10” point-of-sale is ideal for limited counter space and smaller menus. The Counter offers contactless and dip payments technology and an optional guest-facing display to help improve speed and accuracy. 
  • Handheld, the 6.5” mobile point-of-sale is designed to increase the speed of service and comes with a leather hand strap for easy handling. The Handheld features integrated contactless and dip payments technology, enabling seamless tableside payment with a screen that automatically flips to face the guest. Operators can choose to include a laser scanner for loyalty sign-ups and redemptions.

Based on input from its clients and advisors, SpotOn prioritized efficiency, reliability, and ease of use for restaurant staff and guests alike. 

“When you’re operating high-volume restaurants, every minute counts,” said Benson Wang, Owner of Palm House Hospitality and member of SpotOn’s Restaurant Advisory Council. “The upgraded SpotOn Handheld with larger screens will make a major difference in speed and accuracy, making it easier for our team and giving them more time to focus on our guests.”  

SpotOn will begin rolling out its new SpotOn Restaurant hardware in Q4. As part of the rollout, SpotOn is partnering with FIS to become a payment facilitator, providing more end-to-end control of payment processing for its clients. This will also open up tokenization, giving SpotOn clients a more in-depth view of their customer’s preferences and purchasing habits to provide a more personalized experience. 


Jurny Releases Free, AI-Enhanced PMS, Tools Powered by GPT-4


Jurny Inc.'s. newest product, JurnyOS 2.0, is powered by GPT-4 and features dynamic AI tools designed to connect, optimize and automate operational tasks and guest management.

JurnyOS 2.0 Highlights:

  • Nia is Jurny's advanced AI assistant built on GPT-4, which can automate tasks and enhance customer service while improving operational efficiency. It is already more accurate at many tasks than the average human agent and, thanks to generative AI, is rapidly improving each day; Nia can already handle full conversations with guests, making it infinitely scalable.
  • Jurny now offers a completely free PMS leveraging generative AI to assist hosts with managing their properties. With no onboarding fees, an intuitive UI, and the help of virtual assistant Nia, properties are live in minutes.
  • Jurny's new OS and PMS feature an integration for Airbnb. Property managers can sign in once to seamlessly connect to the Airbnb platform, sync content and historical data, update rates and availability, and receive bookings in real-time from the easy-to-use Jurny platform.
  • Jurny offers a natively integrated technology stack, including popular tools like Wheelhouse, Autohost, Minut and others for advanced analytics & reporting, channel management, reputation management, electronic payments, IoT access control, website development and more.

For more information about Jurny's  hospitality technology ecosystem and to try its PMS with Nia for free, visit


NRA Show News: LG Debuts CLOi ServeBot

lg robot

LG Business Solutions USA will debut the new innovative LG CLOi ServeBot (model LDLTR30) restaurant-focused service robot at the National Restaurant Association Show 2023 in Chicago May 20-23. 

Restauranteurs visiting the LG booth 6875 will be able to learn about the upgraded CLOi ServeBot making it even easier for restaurant owners to improve staff efficiency, safely deliver large amounts of food and dishes at once and provide patrons a futuristic experience that encourages repeat visits and word-of-mouth promotion via social media. 

Operating up to 11 hours on a single charge, the new CLOi ServeBot offers impressive customization options to meet the needs of various restaurant types. Customer-facing enhancements are primarily achieved through the 10.1-inch, 1200x800 full-color touchscreen, which can display menus, specials, videos, “last call” messages or a friendly digital robot face.

By increasing shelf size, adding a fourth shelf and making the shelves removable and adjustable with 2.8 inches of vertical movement, the new CLOi ServeBot increases total carrying capacity by 33 percent and ensures capability to fit items of any size. 

At the end of its “shift”, or when power is low, the CLOi ServeBot can automatically return to the optional charging stand, which provides a full charge in just 3.5 hours, versus 4.5 hours from a 120V wall outlet. 

In addition to the new robot, LG is debuting two display products at the show –  the new 21.5-inch Outdoor Order Confirmation Display (model 22XE1J) that provides drive-through users with real-time order confirmation. The IP56-rated display can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation and automatically adjusts brightness based on ambient lighting, up to a maximum of 1,500 nits. It can be used in virtually any environment and is rated for temperatures from -30 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius. 

Also new is the 27-inch LG Kiosk, (model 27KC3PK-C) which allows restaurants to offer customers a self-service ordering station. Its 1080p HD screen ensures consistent excellent image quality and legibility, while the tabletop design enables simple placement and installation. It includes a QR Code reader, integrated credit card/chip reader and receipt printer, so orders can be completed in one place. 



NRA Show News: New Coca-Cola Flex Dispenser Offers 40+ Drink Choices

Coca Cola Flex

Coca-Cola will showcase  Coca-Cola Flex  powered by Freestyle, a new beverage dispenser that offers an enhanced guest experience while reducing operational complexity.

With more than 40 beverage choices available in the same footprint as standard 6-valve fountain dispensers, Coca-Cola Flex combines the benefits of traditional fountain dispensers with the innovation and variety offered by Coca-Cola Freestyle. The next-generation dispenser is debuting at the 2023 National Restaurant Association Show on May 19 in Chicago.

With its sleek design, user-friendly interface, cutting-edge technology and over 40 beverage choices, Coca-Cola Flex creates an exciting beverage-pouring experience for foodservice guests. In addition to providing a simple installation and maintenance for operators, features of the front-of-house dispenser include:

  •  PurePour™ Technology: Coca-Cola Flex uses carefully crafted recipes with micro-dosing pumps and proprietary PurePour™ technology to dispense the proper ingredients at the point of pour. The result is quality, fresh beverages from every pour.
  • New Design: The new dispenser boasts a 15” HD touchscreen display for smoother navigation and an engaging consumer experience.
  • Improved Crew Operations: Using and maintaining the Flex is easier with a new user-friendly interface, easier access to inventory alerts, quicker diagnostics and improved ergonomics. The small, eco-friendly SmartPAK cartridges are easy to change and take up less space than the traditional bag-in-box syrup. 

NRA Show News: Revel Systems, IPORT Join Forces


Revel Systems announced a partnership with IPORT to offer its best-in-class products to restaurants and retailers. IPORT's stands and enclosures for Apple iPads streamline networking, charging, tablet protection, and presentation.

IPORT, a manufacturer, designs products such as Connect Pro to enhance the functionality of iPads for businesses. Connect Pro is an all-in-one system for holding, charging, and protecting iPads on table-tops or walls.  Check them out in National Restaurant Association booth 438. 

The manufacturer’s table-side enclosure provides an optimized mobile solution for restaurants and retailers seeking to take orders directly from customers wherever they are.

IPORT enclosures and stands will be offered as a new line of Revel Premium Stands.



NRA Show News: Samsung, GRUBBRR and Robert Irvine to Showcase New Collaboration

Robert Irvine with Grubbrr kiosk

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and GRUBBRR, a provider of self-ordering technologies, will be at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show along with GRUBBRR’s newest partner and investor, celebrity chef, restaurateur, and TV host Robert Irvine.

Together, GRUBBRR and Chef Irvine will showcase Samsung’s display technologies, highlighting its various use cases throughout the restaurant industry. GRUBBRR’s solutions help power Samsung’s suite of restaurant technology.

Robert Irvine partnered with GRUBBRR in March, joining as both an investor and brand ambassador. Together they are tackling challenges plaguing the restaurant industry, including labor shortages and rising food costs, and helping restaurant owners navigate the future of technology.

GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technologies have demonstrated an immediate impact on businesses by increasing revenue with upselling technology, decreasing operating costs by streamlining efficiency and reducing the dependency on labor, and improving the overall customer experience by expediting average transaction time, eliminating order inaccuracies, and implementing loyalty integrations.

“For years, one of the biggest issues for restaurants has been labor, whether it’s no labor or poor labor,” said Robert Irvine. “Self-ordering technologies are eliminating inefficiencies in the industry, while simultaneously solving the labor challenge plaguing so many owners and operators. You can see the future of restaurants. The technology is here, now it’s time to adapt and get to work.”