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  • 7/9/2024

    DIRECTV HOSPITALITY Renews Deal with BWH Hotels to Enhance Guest Experience

    directv hospitality logo

    DIRECTV HOSPITALITY today announced the renewal of its agreement with BWH Hotels, solidifying DIRECTV HOSPITALITY as a trusted and endorsed supplier for BWH Hotels and furthering their joint commitment to deliver the best of in-room entertainment for hotel guests.

    "We are thrilled to continue working with DIRECTV HOSPITALITY," said Michael Morton, Senior Vice President, Brand Management and Member Services for BWH Hotels. "DIRECTV is a trusted and valued supplier for our properties, and its services have played a pivotal role in enhancing our guests' stays across our portfolio."

    "We are honored to extend our relationship with BWH Hotels," said Doug Eichler, Senior Vice President, DIRECTV for BUSINESSSM. “BWH Hotels has been great to work with, and as they move towards new brand standards by the end of the year, we are delighted that DIRECTV’s Advanced Entertainment Platform will continue to play a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals of providing top-quality entertainment services and enhancing the guest experience across the BWH Hotels portfolio that work with DIRECTV for service.”

    DIRECTV HOSPITALITY is proud to help BWH Hotels continue to meet the evolving expectations of leisure and business travelers.

    For more information about DIRECTV HOSPITALITY and its services and establishments served, please visit DIRECTV.

  • 7/9/2024

    Hotelogix PMS Integrates with Lybra RMS to Help Hotels Increase Revenue

    hotellogix and lybra rms logos

    Hotelogix, a cloud-based hospitality technology provider, announced the two-way integration of its Hotel Property Management System (Hotel PMS) with Lybra's Assistant Revenue Management System (RMS). This strategic integration aims to revolutionize revenue management in the hospitality industry, offering hotels efficient and effective tools to boost their revenues.

    Owned by Zucchetti Hospitality, an Italy-based hospitality technology firm, Lybra offers Assistant, a machine learning-powered demand-centric revenue management system (RMS). The RMS allows hoteliers to optimize their pricing strategy while monitoring their properties' pick-up trends and competition rates. It supports independent hotels and hotel groups seeking a stable and comprehensive solution. Currently, it serves 1200+ hotels in 20+ countries.

    Speaking on this, Aditya Sanghi, CEO of Hotelogix, said, "In today's highly competitive market, hoteliers need to upgrade their revenue management capabilities as real-time forecasting is key. This integration with Lybra will enable hoteliers to competitively price their rooms to drive sales and revenue."

    As per the integration, Hotelogix PMS will push various data points in real-time including occupancy and reservation details to Lybra's Assistant RMS. Leveraging a predictive algorithm, Lybra will automatically suggest rates based on occupancy, local events, demand, competition rates, etc.

    Fulvio Giannetti, CEO of Lybra, said, "The alignment of our business models is truly exceptional. Thanks to this integration with Hotelogix, Lybra will be able to support a massive database of global hotel brands to optimize their pricing strategy.”

  • 7/9/2024

    HBX Group Announces its Sustainability Report, Highlighting Key Strategies Through 2026

    HBX logo

    HBX Group presents its Sustainability Report, including the initiatives developed to date and the key elements of its ESG strategy for the next three years, focusing on the positive impact potential of the tourism industry.

    HBX Group, with over 3,700 employees and present in more than 170 countries, has established a plan with over 75 actions linked to fulfilling various ESG commitments. To achieve this, HBX Group conducted a double materiality analysis, where consultation with its stakeholders was crucial in aligning the plan with their expectations.

    The company has also established a new framework for work and result reporting that considers multiple current regulations and certifications. In this context, HBX Group has recently joined the United Nations Global Compact, which sets out the 10 principles guiding companies to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.

    HBX Group has also initiated a three-year plan to align its reporting with the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which analyses the impact of the company and its entire value chain. This has been based on the identification of over 4,000 key performance indicators, enabling the implementation of concrete and tangible changes in environmental protection.

    Collaboration in the tourism Industry

    As an example of our objective to work collaboratively with partners and clients to achieve a greater positive impact, HBX Group has implemented a Sustainable Hotels Programme. This programme aims to highlight the most environmentally, socially, and community-respectful actors. It already includes over 40,000 properties with official sustainability certifications. Thanks to awareness-raising actions carried out in collaboration with multiple partners, the number of hotels with a no-single-use plastics policy has increased from 500 to 5,000 in just one year.

    Elena Pérez, Chief Human Resources & ESG Officer, explains: “We want to leverage our position as leaders in tourism technology to promote sustainable growth and contribute to real, positive change. Our action plan includes training and promotion initiatives, the adoption of increasingly ambitious certifications and reports, as well as strategic partnerships with our associates. Only through an efficient and collaborative plan will we be able to ensure that the travel industry has an increasingly positive impact on society.”

    The human factor as a driving force for initiatives

    The employees of HBX Group worldwide are a highly valuable asset. The Think Big corporate volunteering programme, created by the group, enables the development of sustainable micro-destinations in rural areas, empowering these communities and encouraging their economic development while protecting natural and cultural resources. The pilot project was launched in Quintana Roo, Mexico, at the beginning of 2024, and collaborates with the "Caminos Sagrados" area. Over two weeks, ten employees of the group worked with Mayan cooperatives to enhance their tourism products, achieve greater digitalisation, and ensure the application of sustainability criteria.

    The HBX Group Sustainability Report also shows the growing commitment of employees, who have undertaken 40% more volunteer hours compared to the previous year. Among other actions, their work has been fundamental in reforestation efforts, which have resulted in the planting of over 12,000 trees in areas such as Mallorca, Brazil, and Thailand up to 2023. These actions have contributed to the company being certified as Carbon Neutral for six years in Scopes 1 and 2 by Carbon Footprint LTD.

    Note: The HBX Group 2023 Sustainability Report can be accessed here.

  • 7/9/2024

    HRS’ Award-Winning Green Stay Initiative Secures ISO 14067 Certification

    logo, company hrs

    HRS, a global corporate lodging and payment technology platform, announced that its award-winning Green Stay Initiative has now secured two prominent certifications. In late June, GUTCert, an accredited auditing organization in the European Union, conferred certification under the requirements of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14067. The auditing process also verified that Green Stay complies with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standards. Both standards apply globally, giving multi-national corporate travel programs unrivaled assurance when they use HRS’ Green Stay Initiative to report, reduce and remove carbon emissions tied to corporate lodging.  

    HRS is the only travel-focused technology company to hold both certifications.  

    HRS’ Green Stay Initiative, launched in 2021, has achieved remarkable traction since its introduction. The majority of the top 20 global hotel chains participate today, as well as 600+ chains across more than 175 countries. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies, including prominent brands like Siemens, mandate use of the Green Stay Initiative for hotels seeking preferred supplier status in procurement exercises. HRS’ AI-infused approach to sustainable hotel programs – now continuously refining functions that analyze trends, drive future scenario models, and enhance operations in real time – has won awards on multiple continents

    Elevated Assurance for Corporations & Hotels: The Green Stay Initiative is the Only Solution to Earn both ISO and GHGP Certifications

    The ISO certification, in conjunction with the GHGP accreditation, makes the Green Stay Initiative the superior solution for global travel programs as they focus on sustainable lodging practices and stricter corporate sustainability reporting for Scope 3 emissions. The provision of carbon footprint data – on a per-property basis – calculated by Green Stay’s verified methodology gives corporations the data they need to implement a sustainable procurement strategy, nudge travelers while booking and add business travel emissions data into corporate sustainability reporting.  

    The data generated by the Green Stay Initiative’s reporting function is compliant with standards issued by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the European Union. Green Stay’s detailed output also goes beyond the Global Business Travel Association’s recently released hotel sustainability standards

    With companies now facing financial penalties for insufficient evidence of credible emissions reduction in their reporting, the use of the Green Stay Initiative carries strong assurance to a company and/or hotel’s finance and ESG teams as they prepare official disclosure documents for auditors. Simply stated, unverified solutions based on average calculations are increasingly seen as greenwashing and no longer suffice for the majority of local and regional reporting requirements.  

    As corporations and hoteliers begin their lodging negotiations for 2025, the timing is ideal. Europe’s CSRD launched this year, and government bodies around the world are pronouncing evolving requirements that directly or indirectly impact all parties.   

    Gains for Participating Hotels Beyond Successfully Winning More Corporate Volume 

    The benefits for hotels that participate in HRS’ Green Stay Initiative continue to unfold. Last year, hotels participating in Green Stay had a 31 percent higher success rate in corporate procurement bids. There are no fees for hotels to participate; they merely need to go through an assessment and share their sustainable attributes and metrics via streamlined AI automation HRS has developed. Beyond winning more corporate room nights, participating hotels also gain from: 

    • Embracing an ISO and GHGP-certified solution illustrates a hotel’s commitment to complying with current and future government-issued regulations. This positions a hotel as a leader ready to transparently accommodate the evolving needs of clients, particularly in eco-conscious markets.  
    • HRS’ comprehensive offering of online courses, case studies and videos – free for hoteliers via the company’s Green Stay Knowledge Hub – helps guide hotels on their sustainability journeys. 
    • Recurring reporting of sustainability metrics typically drives recurring investment in emission-reducing practices at the property level, leading to long-term operational savings while showcasing a hotel’s ongoing commitment to corporate clients. 

    “HRS’ Green Stay Initiative methodology passed our high level of tests regarding standards to collect, normalize and calculate the CO2 equivalent footprint of overnight stays,” said Florian Himmelstein, Deputy Head of Carbon Footprint at GUTCert. “Our organization commends HRS for its pioneering work on this scientifically-based initiative, which helps companies around the world make the carbon footprint associated with their travel transparent and thus reduce it, as well as to comply with legal requirements.” 

    “As business travel volume accelerates across transient, meetings and longstay segments, companies are increasingly motivated to find a credible, efficient solution to drive more sustainable hotel programs,” said Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS. “The ISO and GHGP certifications mark yet another point of confidence for corporations and hoteliers working with the Green Stay Initiative today, and further underscores the benefits of our platform-based approach to reduce and remove emissions while reporting accurately. I’ve long believed that sustainability is the mega-trend impacting business travel this decade. Accordingly, HRS will continue investing in AI-infused technologies and services that help facilitate the reduction of emissions across the managed travel ecosystem.” 

  • 7/9/2024

    Launch of Revolutionary Content Curation Layer (CCL) for Travel Agencies Highlights Travelport’s AI Strategy

    Travelport Logo teaser version

    Travelport, a global technology company that powers travel bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel suppliers worldwide, announced the debut of the Content Curation Layer (CCL). The CCL uses AI to power search while trawling billions of trip options, helping agencies find the perfect match for their customers. As the latest enhancement to the innovative Travelport+ platform, CCL uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML) to quickly deliver the right range of accurate, highly intuitive search results to its travel agency partners worldwide.

    “Travelport’s role in the increasingly complex travel industry is to take millions of pieces of disparate information and make it simple for both travel agencies and providers to understand, search, sell and service,” said Greg Webb, Chief Executive Officer at Travelport. “We believe AI and machine learning are powerful tools to do just that. The Content Curation Layer will allow travel agencies to provide travelers the right range of normalized, enriched, bookable content at speed, via a singular search screen. Used for all content sources (LCC, EDIFACT, NDC, hotel, car, etc.), the CCL allows agents to compare apples to oranges in an apples-to-apples way.”

    Travelport’s Content Curation Layer is a powerful tech-enabler that uses AI and ML to sift through aggregated, multi-source content and returns search results faster than the average airline search response time. It identifies the most relevant offers for each traveler to create a faster, more intelligent search experience for the agent. This technology layer simplifies the delivery of retail-ready content to agencies and helps them curate options that are most desirable for the travelers.

    One of the key features of the CCL is the Content Optimizer, a new Travelport+ product that offers agency customers greater control over all content types, including both traditional and NDC content. With the ability to apply agency-specific rules, agencies can use Content Optimizer to tailor search options and results, enhance revenue optimization and mitigate content choice overload.

    “Our travel agency partners know their travelers well, and Content Optimizer gives agencies the ability to set their own rules and customize the type of results that are prioritized,” Webb continued. “This innovative product offers agencies more control of their content, with the support of AI to save agencies more time and money.”

    More information about Travelport’s CCL and Content Optimizer enhancements can be found at

  • 7/8/2024

    The Grove Hotel Partners with PPDS to Deliver Five Star Guest Room Entertainment

    PPDS television in The Grove Hotel guestroom

    The Grove Hotel, one of the UK’s most prestigious five star retreats, has teamed up with PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays, to revolutionise the in-room entertainment experience with the installation of 225 Google Cast and Netflix ready Philips MediaSuite TVs within its luxury guestrooms. 

    A short distance from Central London and synonymous with the rich and famous – with Tom Cruise, the Beckhams, Hugh Grant, and Kylie Minogue among some of the well-known guests in recent years – The Grove Hotel’s existing TV setup had become outdated, failing to address modern viewing preferences and falling short of guest expectations. 

    Part of an extensive upgrade and refurbishment project, The Grove Hotel - owned by the Ralph Trustees Ltd hospitality group - sought a TV solution to provide best-in-class picture quality together with seamless casting capabilities, embedded streaming and gaming apps, plus the ability to deliver personalised content on a room-by-room basis, enabling guests to take control of their own viewing experiences.

    Following extensive global research, The Grove Hotel teamed up with PPDS, identifying the company’s unique Google Cast and Netflix ready Philips MediaSuite TV range as the only dedicated hospitality solution in the global market capable of meeting its high requirements and exacting standards. 

    Home comforts 

    Designed to offer a seamless transition between home and the hotel room, 189 Philips MediaSuite TVs – adopted by many of the world’s leading global hotel chains – were successfully installed in the guest rooms in The Grove Hotel’s contemporary West Wing. 

    Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests, the project was quickly extended to include an additional 36 Philips MediaSuite TVs (43”-54”) in the 13 rooms and 12 suites in The Grove’s stunning Grade II listed Mansion House. 

    Philip Hallam, Group IT Technical Manager, Ralph Trustees Ltd, commented: “I have been continually reviewing the guest experience over the last 20 years or so. In particular, what I have been looking for is a product that can provide seamless streaming services and experiences to our guests. Five years ago, when I began this journey, I wasn’t able to find anything that matched our requirements or our ambitions. That was, until I found Philips MediaSuite.”

    Like a fine wine

    As the world’s first hospitality TV to feature Google Cast and Netflix ready functionality, launched back in 2019, the Philips MediaSuite TVs enable guests staying at The Grove Hotel to easily access and cast all their favourite content from their preferred accounts (including DAZN, Disney+, Prime, YouTube™, and more) directly onto the TV using their own personal connected device, whatever the operating system. With no additional wires or hardware, the risk of tampering or costly dongle thefts is eliminated, while all customer data – such as login credentials– is automatically cleared upon checkout.

    Running on Android, and further extending the role and benefits of the in-room TV, guests at The Grove Hotel also have seamless access to a multitude of apps via the Google Play store, with games, news, travel, weather, and information on local attractions among those available through the TV. 

    In addition, as part of PPDS' long-term commitment to its Android technology and supporting businesses with their sustainability ambitions, Philips MediaSuite TVs can also receive regular software updates, adding the latest apps, services, and features. This allows the TVs to improve with age, reducing unnecessary hardware upgrades (and electronic waste), while maintaining a consistent user experience in every room.

    Tailored experiences

    Bringing extensive branding, marketing and unique tailored opportunities to guests, all Philips MediaSuite TVs installed at The Grove Hotel are networked over a Tiger TMS hotel property management system (PMS) and use PPDS CMND content management platform.

    The user interface on all Philips MediaSuite TVs has also been customised to feature The Grove Hotel’s iconic colours and branding, together with their design and layout.

    Taking things further, each Philips MediaSuite TV can now be configured to meet the needs and requirements of each guest. This includes but is far from limited to, supporting a wide range of different or preferred languages, adding on-screen messages (such as a personalised welcome or congratulations on special occasions), and even adding specific services, such as games and channels suitable for guests with children, or health-related apps, such as Peloton and iFit. 

    Externally, all Philips MediaSuite TVs at The Grove Hotel have had their bezels custom-finished in a stunning pewter colour, completing the look and adding a final layer of exclusivity.

    Kendra Ingram, Professional TV Business Manager at PPDS added: “The feature we’re finding both hoteliers and their guests enjoy around the world on Philips MediaSuite is Google Cast. It’s a fully certified Google product, allowing guests to come in with their phones and cast the content they really want to watch. It’s fast and incredibly simple. And the benefits of Philips MediaSuite extend much further, with an amazing choice of entertainment options to cover almost every preference a guest might have. We’re incredibly proud to have played such an important role in the experience at The Grove – one of the UK's most luxurious hotels.” 

    Philip added: “In the world we live in today, the majority of the content our guests are looking for is actually from their own streaming services. Philips MediaSuite was the standout choice for our guest rooms.”

    Project at a glance

    • Client: The Grove Hotel
    • Location: Chandlers Cross, Hertfordshire, UK
    • Project: Remastering the West Wing for home-from-home comfort at The Grove
    • Partners: Peter Tyson
    • Products: 43” and 55” Philips MediaSuite TVs

    *Apps can be added, made accessible or restricted at the hotel’s discretion

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