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  • 5/16/2024

    ResQ Launches Integrated Technician Management System and Equipment Sensors to Simplify Back of House Operations

    resq sensors

    ResQ announced a new internal technician management and sensors product that empowers multi-location operators to unlock insights for all their repairs and maintenance data in one place, in real time. This launch marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to decrease the total cost of repair and maintenance operations by streamlining and automating the complex world of back of house operations. On average, facilities spend 3-5% of their annual revenue on repairs and maintenance, but the cost is much higher when factoring in increased downtime when repairs aren’t handled efficiently.

    With the launch of these new offerings, ResQ’s platform becomes the only technology provider that allows operators to source and manage high quality external vendors, as well as work seamlessly with internal technicians. With the added benefit of 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring - including smart alerts and the ability to kick off a repair in seconds - brands can now monitor their food equipment, take action to keep it operational, and get valuable performance analytics all in one place.

    ResQ’s new products seamlessly integrate into its comprehensive platform, which is already trusted by over 5,000 leading restaurant brands, ranging from fast-food chains to Michelin-starred establishments. 

    Key features of ResQ’s internal technician management and sensors products includes:

    • Internal technician scheduling: Seamlessly assign internal staff to work orders, set recurring preventative maintenance, and track progress in real-time, ensuring efficient resolution of maintenance and equipment issues.

    • Sensor integration: Leverage smart sensor technology to monitor critical equipment in real-time, automatically ensuring no food inventory lost due to temperature or humidity changes.

    • Automated alerts - Get alerts for unexpected shifts in temperature and humidity, and keep detailed logs to ensure health code compliance.

    “As a former operator myself, I’ve lost tens of thousands of dollars due to equipment malfunctioning and issues not being resolved quickly,” said Kuljeev Singh, Founder and CEO at ResQ. “With the launch of our internal technician management and sensors product, operators can proactively monitor their equipment and dispatch internal or external vendors, all while getting the data they need to run their back of house operations.”

    Brands like Nobu, Lariat Lodge Brewery, and Handcrafted Hospitality are already adopting ResQ’s newest technology: “I’m excited about sensors so we do not lose product and get notifications when temperatures get out of control,” said Grant Teason, Director of Culinary Operations at Lariat Lodge.

    ResQ has established itself as a key player in the back of house technology space, empowering businesses to operate more efficiently with a clear line of sight into managing their total cost of repairs and maintenance operations. To learn more information about ResQ or to request a free demo of the ResQ facilities management platform, visit

  • 5/16/2024

    Restaurant Show: SageNet Orders Up Innovation


    SageNet, a Tulsa-based managed digital experience and network services provider, will demonstrate a suite of innovations that are transforming the in-restaurant digital experience at the 2024 National Restaurant Show in Chicago, May 18-21. 

    Visitors to SageNet’s NRA booth 10122 can learn about SageNet’s RFID order tracking solution, as well as see demos on dynamic menu boards, POS-integrated order confirmation, outdoor drive-thru boards, and other cutting-edge restaurant technology solutions to enhance the customer experience both in-restaurant and at the drive-thru.

    SageNet’s RFID order tracking solution, designed to transform carryout order management in restaurants, utilizes RFID tags attached to orders, enabling real-time tracking through various checkpoints like the kitchen, packaging area and pickup station. As orders move, RFID readers update their status automatically in the management system, providing customers and staff with instant visibility.
    When the order is ready for pickup, the system updates the status to "ready for pickup" and a notification is displayed on the in-store order pick-up screen. Integrated video analytics provide additional confirmation and security data. 

    According to IV Dickson, SageNet’s Chief Innovation Officer, SageNet solutions are transforming the customer journey.   

    “We’ve ‘ordered-up’ a suite of technologies designed to bridge the physical and digital realms, enhancing the overall 'phygital' experience for the end customer," said Dickson. "By integrating solutions like Drive-thru Order Confirmation and RFID Order Tracking, we're not only streamlining operations—we're enhancing every customer interaction. This approach ensures a seamless, efficient, and highly personalized journey, whether ordering online, at the drive-thru, or at the counter.” 

    In addition to the RFID Order Tracking, SageNet will provide demonstrations of its digital experience solutions, including dual-sided digital promo boards and an outdoor drive-thru display utilizing SageNet’s RTN Ring of Fire-nominated order confirmation feature that syncs seamlessly with a restaurant's POS system.

    “SageNet views order confirmation and order tracking technologies, combined with the latest breakthroughs in digital menu board experiences, as vital pieces in the evolution of restaurant innovation,” said Dickson. “With these technologies, restaurant owners are empowered through deeper engagements with customers, enhancing overall profitability for both in-restaurant and drive-thru transactions.”

    The RFID tracking system and digital menu board solutions are part of SageNet’s turnkey digital ecosystem for restaurants that offers design, engineering, content management and creative services through SageVIEW Experience Labs, along with complete monitoring, management and maintenance.

    For more information about SageNet’s RFID order tracking system and to schedule a demonstration at SageNet’s NRA booth, visit or call 866-480-2263.

  • 5/15/2024

    BEONx and JUYO Analytics Partner to Streamline Data Access for Hoteliers

    beonx and juyo logos

    BEONx, a hospitality revenue management service provider, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of new dashboards in partnership with JUYO Analytics, the next curve data visualization and analytics platform for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers' evaluation of performance and data collection will undergo a revolution thanks to this update.

    The new dashboards, available exclusively to hoteliers and professional clients, provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current situation. They aim to reduce the amount of time spent on information verification by providing all the necessary data in a single location. Clients will now be able to evaluate their performance with ease and make informed decisions.

    The premium package will include a host of additional benefits. Custom package configuration allows clients to personalise their experience to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, two new dashboards have been added for more detailed analysis of channel performance and a daily pace overview.

    Cayetana Fernández, VP of Product at BEONx, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "The new dashboards developed by BEONx and Juyo will take clients' strategies one step further by focusing on channel distribution. Clients will now be able to create their own reports based on their specific requirements."

    Karin van Rhee, COO at Juyo Analytics, added, "The new premium dashboards provide hoteliers with even more sophisticated reporting, adding additional context to their analysis! Every hotel is unique and has its own approach to managing its commercial strategies. With the new product, we empower hotels to tailor their own dashboards with data relevant to them.” 

    With the latest product update to the premium package, BEONx and Juyo elevate hotels to an even higher standard.

    • Empowering- Customized Stunning Dashboards: Hoteliers can now create their own stunning dashboards from scratch, tailoring them to precisely match their unique company needs. This level of customization ensures that the insights gained are directly relevant to the specific goals and challenges of each hotel.
    • Dynamic Overview of Channel Performance: With the new dynamic overview dashboard, hotels can instantly assess channel performance on annual, quarterly, weekly, or even daily timelines. This clear and concise presentation consolidates all critical performance metrics into a single, easy-to-read table. It's the perfect tool for busy hoteliers who need a quick snapshot of their channel performance at any given moment.
    • Pace Analytics Dashboard: It equips hoteliers with the tools to better understand booking curves, identify risks, and uncover opportunities within their forecasts and budgets. By leveraging this dashboard, hotels can make informed decisions that lead to improved revenue management.

    The update is expected to improve the user experience and provide businesses with valuable insights to help them flourish in the dynamic digital landscape.  Please consult the official websites of BEONx and Juyo Analytics for additional information. 

  • 5/15/2024

    IRIS Announces Investment in Middle East

    IRIS mobile app at le royal meridien doha

    IRIS,  a provider of digital ordering for the hospitality industry, announces it will be investing in its expansion in the Middle East. The announcement follows significant growth in its client base, as an increasing number of hoteliers across the region report a preference for mobile ordering from guests, enabling them to increase F&B revenue and enhance the digital experience they offer. The investment will deliver the introduction of new features and also includes the company’s attendance at the Hotel Revolution Summit in Dubai on 21st May.

    Now live in 10 states, IRIS has grown its client base by 33% since launching its mobile ordering and digital guest directory platform in the Middle East. IRIS is deployed at a number of hotels in global chains Four Seasons, Marriott and Mandarin Oriental as well as smaller, luxury hospitality groups based in the region. All report marked increases in F&B revenues of between 20% - 40% on average. 

    Globally and across the Middle East the demand for, and capability of, mobile ordering has seen unprecedented growth. As hospitality operators seek to capitalise on the revenue, guest satisfaction, and efficiency opportunities it offers across operations and departments, it shows no signs of slowing.

    For both operators and their guests alike, IRIS offers a flexible, scalable and convenient mobile ordering experience across digital F&B, guest directory and concierge solutions. Particularly for operators keen to maximise the revenue potential across their properties, beyond room rates for a dynamic, digitally savvy and often high-net worth market. For example, hotels keen to enhance poolside ordering and likewise cater to an international guest-base by offering multi-lingual digital ordering capabilities. 

    Commenting on their plans for growth across the Middle East, Graham Rushin, VP Sales and Marketing, IRIS said, “It is a hugely exciting time for the hospitality industry across the Middle East particularly against the backdrop of the Saudi Vision 2030 programme, with brands and management companies continuing to invest. Likewise, the pipeline outlook for future development is extremely positive. As both a business and leisure destination it continues to be one of the key locations for operators when developing their own growth strategies.

    “We are committed to supporting our clients across the region in realising their ambitions for growth. This means continuing to invest in our own R&D and ensuring our portfolio is ready and available to equip them with the full complement of mobile ordering solutions to enable them to drive spend, develop new revenue streams and leverage efficiencies throughout their properties. The Middle East is a key focus for our own growth plans and we look forward to becoming the partner of choice for more guest-centric, mobile-first operators in the future.”

    Long-standing IRIS client, Kennedy K. Mutinda, In Room Dining and Studio Manager for W Dubai Mina Seyahi adds, “Guests value efficiency and convenience so they appreciate being able to order food and beverages (and access information) in just a few clicks, without the need to wait in line or interact with staff directly. The IRIS mobile dining and guest directory app works perfectly for our guests, most of whom are international, who prefer ordering and communicating with us online, rather than over the phone. This enhanced visibility of menu items and seamless ordering process has attributed to a significant boost in guest spend and revenue which we envisage will continue to rise.”

    In response to the increasing demand for mobile ordering, IRIS has recently invested in the development of new products and features across its portfolio. These are now available to Middle East hospitality clients to enable them to both maximise demand from guests and free up staff time with more automated operations. They include new functionality and a new user interface within the back end of its web app to enable operators to update menu and guest directory items more efficiently on one dashboard. In addition, new “Order Again”, “Open Tab” and “Related Items” features have been added to reduce pressure on staff, maximise upsell opportunities and provide a more convenient, frictionless experience for guests.

  • 5/16/2024

    LuggageHero Debuts HotelsHero

    hotels hero logo

    LuggageHero, an international leading provider of on-demand luggage storage since 2016, has turned its expertise to the hotel industry with the launch of HotelsHero. The service helps hotels of all sizes seamlessly store luggage, while also giving guests the option of tipping bell staff without needing cash.

    HotelsHero’s sophisticated AI-powered system streamlines the luggage storage process in several ways, with no extra space or lockers needed. For hotels that want a fully secure self-service option, the technology allows guests to effortlessly store their own luggage without taking staff’s time. For hotels that want to operate their own storage, HotelsHero provides a secure and convenient method of signup and bag identification. Under both systems, hotels can choose whether to offer luggage storage for free or add a handling fee. Guests have the option of adding insurance coverage through HotelsHero.

    Hotels pay nothing for this software. Revenue for HotelsHero comes from service fees paid by guests for any add-ons, such as tipping or insurance.

    HotelsHero’s market research has shown that UK and European hotels are more accustomed to and prefer fully self-service luggage storage. On the other hand, the U.S. market tends to prefer using staff to store luggage, which is more time-consuming.  Another huge advantage of HotelsHero in this case is the digital tipping software. For all markets, HotelsHero can customize a hotel’s luggage storage based on their specific needs. Here are the basics of each option:

    Storage-assisted option, with digital tipping

    When guests arrive at a hotel, they scan the HotelsHero QR Code, tag their luggage and give it to the bell staff. Retrieving luggage is done via a digital claims ticket. Customers have the option to purchase insurance and to tip staff. While digital tipping has become common with such things as ride shares and food service, mobile tipping in hotels is behind the times. With guests carrying less to no cash, not having this option has reduced employees’ tips. This reduction in tips exacerbates the high turnover rate that hotels already face. Based on existing tipping practices at LuggageHero’s storage locations in 41 countries, where customers leave their luggage in shops, cafes and other drop-off points, HotelsHero believes that hotels will see a significant boost in tips. Another important feature is the advanced analytics tool, which calculates a hotel's busy periods, predicting rush hours, seasonality, and peak times. This equips hotels to be better prepared, ensuring seamless experiences for both guests and staff.

    Self-service option

    With the self-service option, hotel staff won’t have to manage luggage, which frees up their time for other duties. This solution, which does not rely on lockers, can be up and running at a hotel within a week. When guests arrive at a hotel, they follow signage to the storage location. There they scan the HotelsHero QR Code and tag their luggage. They also have the option to purchase insurance. Their sign-up also enables the locked door to the storage area to open, and they manually store their own luggage. When it’s time to retrieve their bags, their booking again enables the storage door to open. Travelers will appreciate this service because they don’t have to wait for hotel staff to be available. Hotels still have the option to enable digital tipping with the self-service option.

    Security all around

    Regardless of which storage option a hotel chooses, the intelligent platform automatically identifies each booking’s tags and bag details. Each storage seal is designed to show clear signs of tampering, offering guests and hotel staff immediate visual confirmation of unauthorized access. (Managers choose whether to enable or disable the use of security seals.) On top of this, travelers have the option of insurance coverage through HotelsHero.

    Benefiting the bottom line and the guest experience

    By using HotelsHero, hotels can enhance the guest experience by offering them the freedom to explore unencumbered. At the same time, they can save staff hours spent dealing with luggage and tap into advanced insights and streamlined operations. It’s not just about storing luggage – it's about upgrading the entire guest experience and offering a storage solution that’s as travel-savvy as their guests.

  • 5/16/2024

    Amadeus Finds Hoteliers Plan to Increase Tech Investments by 16% During the Next 12 Months

    Amadeus logo - new teaser

    A new report, Travel Technology Investment Trends 2024, published today from Amadeus finds hoteliers expect to increase their investment in technology by an average of 16% over the coming 12 months, with one in five planning to invest over 20% more than they did last year.

    The findings are the result of a survey of global senior hospitality leaders representing a diverse range of properties and management groups. Several key themes emerged from the research, including a primary focus of investment on ‘improving operational efficiencies during times of high occupancy’ (43%).

    Using tech to diversify offerings and enhance the guest experience

    The study reveals predictions as leaders consider the criticality of offering guest personalization. Expectations are high across the sector, particularly at the property level, as hoteliers feel it will enhance their offering and better meet guest expectations. 85% of respondents felt that personalization could help them deliver in excess of 5% in incremental revenue.

    In general, respondents said they are keen to find ways to broaden and improve the services they offer to guests, including providing:

    • Specific room attributes 43 % 
    • Upselling of room types and value-add amenities 40 % 
    • Personalized onsite experiences 39 % 
    • Personalized offers for returning guests 34 % 
    • Last minute promotions on rooms 34 % 
    • Experiential stays 33 % 

    Virtually all hoteliers surveyed (98%) recognize that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to bring significant benefits to their businesses. Nearly half of all those surveyed (49%) said they hope AI will be able to help them to identify and offer upsell opportunities to travelers at all stages of the booking process. They are also looking to AI to help manage data effectively and generate automatic content for their websites, suggesting that AI is being considered across a wide range of hotel functions.

    Francisco Pérez-Lozao Rüter, President, Hospitality, Amadeus comments: “The level of investment planned across the sector reveals the strong desire for evolution and the important role technology will play in helping to achieve the ambitions of today’s hospitality leaders.  As well as increasing revenue and driving efficiencies, hoteliers strive to be able to deliver the end-to-end experiences guests expect. The ability to create personalized itineraries is the ultimate goal for the hospitality sector, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the technology development that will allow hoteliers to offer truly unique and tailored experiences to their guests.”

    AI and machine learning are top priorities with extended reality and robots coming into focus in the next five years

    When asked about the top priority technologies for their businesses for this year, hotel technology leaders prioritized AI and machine learning alongside digital payments and increasing data analytics capabilities. However, that picture shifts slightly in five years towards the use of extended reality, chatbots and robots.


    1AI and machine learningMachine learning
    2Digital paymentsExtended reality
    3Data analyticsAI (e.g. chatbots)
    4Cloud computing Digital payments
    5Self-service technology Robotic process automation

    Top technologies expected to have the biggest impact on the industry in the next one and five years


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