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  • 5/15/2024

    BEONx and JUYO Analytics Partner to Streamline Data Access for Hoteliers

    beonx and juyo logos

    BEONx, a hospitality revenue management service provider, is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of new dashboards in partnership with JUYO Analytics, the next curve data visualization and analytics platform for the hospitality industry. Hoteliers' evaluation of performance and data collection will undergo a revolution thanks to this update.

    The new dashboards, available exclusively to hoteliers and professional clients, provide a comprehensive snapshot of the current situation. They aim to reduce the amount of time spent on information verification by providing all the necessary data in a single location. Clients will now be able to evaluate their performance with ease and make informed decisions.

    The premium package will include a host of additional benefits. Custom package configuration allows clients to personalise their experience to meet their specific needs. Furthermore, two new dashboards have been added for more detailed analysis of channel performance and a daily pace overview.

    Cayetana Fernández, VP of Product at BEONx, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "The new dashboards developed by BEONx and Juyo will take clients' strategies one step further by focusing on channel distribution. Clients will now be able to create their own reports based on their specific requirements."

    Karin van Rhee, COO at Juyo Analytics, added, "The new premium dashboards provide hoteliers with even more sophisticated reporting, adding additional context to their analysis! Every hotel is unique and has its own approach to managing its commercial strategies. With the new product, we empower hotels to tailor their own dashboards with data relevant to them.” 

    With the latest product update to the premium package, BEONx and Juyo elevate hotels to an even higher standard.

    • Empowering- Customized Stunning Dashboards: Hoteliers can now create their own stunning dashboards from scratch, tailoring them to precisely match their unique company needs. This level of customization ensures that the insights gained are directly relevant to the specific goals and challenges of each hotel.
    • Dynamic Overview of Channel Performance: With the new dynamic overview dashboard, hotels can instantly assess channel performance on annual, quarterly, weekly, or even daily timelines. This clear and concise presentation consolidates all critical performance metrics into a single, easy-to-read table. It's the perfect tool for busy hoteliers who need a quick snapshot of their channel performance at any given moment.
    • Pace Analytics Dashboard: It equips hoteliers with the tools to better understand booking curves, identify risks, and uncover opportunities within their forecasts and budgets. By leveraging this dashboard, hotels can make informed decisions that lead to improved revenue management.

    The update is expected to improve the user experience and provide businesses with valuable insights to help them flourish in the dynamic digital landscape.  Please consult the official websites of BEONx and Juyo Analytics for additional information. 

  • 5/15/2024

    IRIS Announces Investment in Middle East

    IRIS mobile app at le royal meridien doha

    IRIS,  a provider of digital ordering for the hospitality industry, announces it will be investing in its expansion in the Middle East. The announcement follows significant growth in its client base, as an increasing number of hoteliers across the region report a preference for mobile ordering from guests, enabling them to increase F&B revenue and enhance the digital experience they offer. The investment will deliver the introduction of new features and also includes the company’s attendance at the Hotel Revolution Summit in Dubai on 21st May.

    Now live in 10 states, IRIS has grown its client base by 33% since launching its mobile ordering and digital guest directory platform in the Middle East. IRIS is deployed at a number of hotels in global chains Four Seasons, Marriott and Mandarin Oriental as well as smaller, luxury hospitality groups based in the region. All report marked increases in F&B revenues of between 20% - 40% on average. 

    Globally and across the Middle East the demand for, and capability of, mobile ordering has seen unprecedented growth. As hospitality operators seek to capitalise on the revenue, guest satisfaction, and efficiency opportunities it offers across operations and departments, it shows no signs of slowing.

    For both operators and their guests alike, IRIS offers a flexible, scalable and convenient mobile ordering experience across digital F&B, guest directory and concierge solutions. Particularly for operators keen to maximise the revenue potential across their properties, beyond room rates for a dynamic, digitally savvy and often high-net worth market. For example, hotels keen to enhance poolside ordering and likewise cater to an international guest-base by offering multi-lingual digital ordering capabilities. 

    Commenting on their plans for growth across the Middle East, Graham Rushin, VP Sales and Marketing, IRIS said, “It is a hugely exciting time for the hospitality industry across the Middle East particularly against the backdrop of the Saudi Vision 2030 programme, with brands and management companies continuing to invest. Likewise, the pipeline outlook for future development is extremely positive. As both a business and leisure destination it continues to be one of the key locations for operators when developing their own growth strategies.

    “We are committed to supporting our clients across the region in realising their ambitions for growth. This means continuing to invest in our own R&D and ensuring our portfolio is ready and available to equip them with the full complement of mobile ordering solutions to enable them to drive spend, develop new revenue streams and leverage efficiencies throughout their properties. The Middle East is a key focus for our own growth plans and we look forward to becoming the partner of choice for more guest-centric, mobile-first operators in the future.”

    Long-standing IRIS client, Kennedy K. Mutinda, In Room Dining and Studio Manager for W Dubai Mina Seyahi adds, “Guests value efficiency and convenience so they appreciate being able to order food and beverages (and access information) in just a few clicks, without the need to wait in line or interact with staff directly. The IRIS mobile dining and guest directory app works perfectly for our guests, most of whom are international, who prefer ordering and communicating with us online, rather than over the phone. This enhanced visibility of menu items and seamless ordering process has attributed to a significant boost in guest spend and revenue which we envisage will continue to rise.”

    In response to the increasing demand for mobile ordering, IRIS has recently invested in the development of new products and features across its portfolio. These are now available to Middle East hospitality clients to enable them to both maximise demand from guests and free up staff time with more automated operations. They include new functionality and a new user interface within the back end of its web app to enable operators to update menu and guest directory items more efficiently on one dashboard. In addition, new “Order Again”, “Open Tab” and “Related Items” features have been added to reduce pressure on staff, maximise upsell opportunities and provide a more convenient, frictionless experience for guests.

  • 5/15/2024

    McDreams Becomes Europe’s First Hotel Group to Roll Out 100% AI-Powered Phone System Integrated with Like Magic

    mcdreams logo

    McDreams has become the first hotel group in Europe to roll out a guest enquiries and bookings phone system powered entirely by artificial intelligence. 

    The AI, which is named ‘Lisa’ and is integrated with hotel employee and guest experience platform Like Magic, is now handling half of routine guest phone calls entirely on its own. 

    The combination of Lisa and Like Magic has increased the number of guests following an all-digital guest journey by 50% – halving the number of calls to the front-desk, reducing Germany-based McDreams’ overall operational workload by a third and increasing employee satisfaction.

    This has enabled the group to reduce the personnel expenses for administrative tasks by 80%, which is projected to generate an astonishing €600,000 in savings this year. 

    Ralf Bonin, Director of Operations at McDreams, said: “The combined power of Lisa and Like Magic has been nothing short of transformational for McDreams. 

    “We’ve always prided ourselves on being quick to embrace technology, but nothing comes even close to Lisa and Like Magic’s overall impact – both in terms of enhancing the guest experience and the employee experience. 

    “Lisa is not your run-of-the-mill automated phone service. She is much more like a living, breathing member of the team who can be entrusted to both communicate with and advise guests, as well as carry out tasks for them. 

    "However, the deep and far-reaching automation of various systems and processes by Like Magic is what truly makes Lisa special. Combined, the two have set a new benchmark for efficiency and personalization across our hotels, unlocking an unparalleled experience for both employees and guests.”

    Lisa, which was developed by AI software solutions firm Onsei, is capable of handling fully automated conversations regarding a range of common guest enquiries. These include questions concerning room availability, booking information, check-in and check-out times, as well as requests for information about the local area. 

    Like Magic’s platform brings a booking engine, guest platform, employee interface and monitoring tools all into one place, creating a center of operations for hotel management. This unlocks a completely digital guest journey for guests if they prefer. 

    In addition to enabling staff to perform 80% of their daily tasks from one single system, Like Magic also allows guests to carry out a range of actions without staff assistance. These range from checking in, ordering food, requesting additional linen or pillows, and creating keyless room passes – requiring only a smartphone. 

    The platform allows staff to run operations using a traffic light system of notifications and recommended actions, making the whole process of customer service and property management much more automated. 

    Markus Feller, CEO of Like Magic, said: “McDreams has a stellar reputation in the industry for pioneering new tech, so it makes it perfect sense that Managing Director Dominik Klein, Ralf and Christoph and the team would be first to unleash the combined power on Onsei’s AI and Like Magic. 

    “Lisa is very much a glimpse into what lies ahead for the broader hospitality sector. McDreams, like ourselves, has realized that the future of industry lies in harnessing technology that not only enhances the guest experience, but also nurtures a happy and fulfilled workforce focused on working with their empathic strengths. 

    “What they are pioneering today will inevitably become commonplace tomorrow – a sector that  blends the best of both man and machine in order to unlock a truly personalized and seamless experience for guests, freeing up employees to be the best hosts possible.”

  • 5/14/2024

    Stayntouch Partners With Woby to Empower Hotels with Seamless In-Stay Dining

    stayntouch and woby logos

    Stayntouch, a provider of cloud hotel property management systems (PMS) and guest-centric technology, announced a new partnership with Woby, a self-order and pay web app that simultaneously connects with existing POS and PMS platforms. Stayntouch now integrates with Woby’s customizable web app, allowing for real-time POS and PMS synchronization.

    With Stayntouch PMS, hotels can streamline operations, automate tasks, and provide a seamless digital guest welcome experience with mobile check-in. Woby complements this by offering a self-order and pay platform that seamlessly connects with both the hotel PMS and POS, streamlining the in-stay dining experience from ordering to payments to room service and delivery. By connecting Stayntouch PMS with Woby, hotels will benefit from: 

    • A flexible and full-featured cloud PMS, that can deliver a frictionless mobile welcome and departure experience for guests, while integrating with best-of-breed mobile POS platforms.
    • Real-time synchronization between the PMS, POS, and accounting software, allowing guests to connect to a single QR code to order what they want, pay how they want, and have room charges validated automatically.
    • A fully customizable look and workflow to fit seamlessly with any hotel branding design or operational needs. 
    • A dedicated integration connector that sets up integrations in minutes instead of months, and streamlines third-party connections. 

    Ruud Hontelé, the managing partner of Woby, said: "Woby stands out as the pioneering self-order and pay app that seamlessly integrates Stayntouch with your POS system. Say goodbye to the hassles and pain points associated with digital menus, ordering, payments and logistics processes. Enhance the guest experience significantly while also reducing costs for your business."

    Priya Rajamani, the vice president of implementation and support for Stayntouch, said: “We are excited to partner with Woby, a platform that empowers hotels to provide guests with a completely mobile-first dining experience. By seamlessly integrating our cloud PMS with Woby's self-ordering and payment platform, hotels can deliver a more personalized and fully mobile guest check-in and dining experience, enhancing the on-property experience. This collaboration ensures real-time synchronization, enhanced operational efficiency and elevated guest satisfaction.”

  • 5/14/2024

    Restaurant365 Announces $175M Funding Round

    raising capital money bags

    Restaurant365 announced a $175 million funding round led by long-term partner ICONIQ Growth with participation from current investors, including KKR and L Catterton. The funding comes on the heels of 12 consecutive quarters exceeding sales targets, which drives confidence in future growth potential. 

    “Restaurant365’s growth is a testament to their ability to create powerful solutions that bolster operations, improve margins and empower the workforce at restaurant companies of all sizes,” said Will Griffith, Founding Partner of ICONIQ Growth. “We’re honored to participate in this incredible opportunity to help the restaurant industry succeed in a way that once seemed impossible.”

    Proceeds from the round will be invested in expanding enterprise features and growing the workforce and payroll product suite to continue supporting the world’s largest, most notable hospitality brands. Funds will also strengthen the company’s balance sheet to facilitate future acquisitions and support continued organic growth.

    “We’re grateful our investors continue to value the business and its upward trajectory as demonstrated by this most recent vote of confidence,” said Restaurant365 CEO and Co-founder Tony Smith. “We take that trust from them seriously as well as the trust placed in us by our customers and the industry at large. We will continue our relentless pursuit of developing products that add value in new ways to this great industry.”

    This latest round follows Restaurant365’s acquisition of ExpandShare, an AI-powered learning management system built to deliver and track impactful restaurant training content.

    In addition to adding employee training to its offerings, Restaurant365 expanded its all-in-one platform over the past year with tip automation, task management, restaurant intelligence dashboards, and Capture AI, which brings the power of machine learning to invoice management.

  • 5/14/2024

    Restaurant Show: Cantaloupe to Showcase Self-Service, Mobile-First Solutions

    Cantaloupe smartcafe in a lobby

    Cantaloupe Inc., a provider of end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is making its debut at the upcoming National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Cantaloupe will be showcasing its self-service and mobile-first applications for stadiums, entertainment venues and hotels.

    Cantaloupe is a global technology leader with more than 30 years of experience in powering self-service commerce. Cantaloupe’s mission is to revolutionize the way businesses engage with consumers by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions, including innovative kiosk and POS systems, as well as enterprise cloud software designed for a wide range of industries. With Cantaloupe’s end-to-end platform, businesses can drive engagement, increase sales revenue, and optimize operations, delivering exceptional experiences for both businesses and consumers.

    “Cantaloupe’s solutions are specifically designed to cater to the growing demand for self-service and mobile-first experiences,” said Elyssa Steiner, chief marketing officer of Cantaloupe, Inc. “Our emphasis on convenience, efficiency and enhanced customer experiences really set Cantaloupe apart from traditional solutions and elevates guest and fan experiences into seamless journeys for shopping, ordering and paying.”

    Attendees of the National Restaurant Association Show are invited to visit Cantaloupe's booth 6672 in the North Building of McCormick Place to experience Cantaloupe’s  technologies, including AI powered smart camera technology, which enables seamless and secure transactions. Cantaloupe's solutions eliminate the need for traditional checkout lines, providing customers with a hassle-free retail, food and beverage experience that includes convenience, speed, and flexibility in their transactions.

    Some of the products Cantaloupe will be showcasing include its CHEQ point-of-sale (POS) platform, a mobile-first payment solution. CHEQ’s full end-to-end payment platform features mobile ordering (right from seats), mobile pick-up points (“CHEQ Points”) and innovative express kiosks (“CHEQ Zones”) to increase ordering efficiencies and decrease line wait times. CHEQ also offers its unique social gifting marketplace functionality, allowing guests, friends and family to send food and beverages to those attending a game or concert in real time, from anywhere in the world.

    Cantaloupe’s booth at the National Restaurant Association Show will be highlighting:

    • CHEQ POS Kiosks: available in attended or self-checkout mode, making ordering seamless across multiple revenue centers and empowering fans to self-service for reduced wait times.
    • CHEQ Handheld: providing in-stadium vendors or those with on-the-go payment needs at festivals and events, the ability to accept payments anywhere, perfect for selling merchandise, food and beverages.
    • CHEQ Mobile App: enables fans or event-goers the ability to order food and beverages from anywhere in the venue, with flexible pick-up or in-seat delivery options.
    • Cantaloupe Smart Café: (Pictured) a fully locked cooler that enables true grab and go self-service with AI powered smart camera technology to charge the consumers card for the exact items they take out of the smart fridge.
    • Cantaloupe Micro Markets for Hotel Pantries: a one-stop shop for cabinetry, coolers and self-checkout kiosks with the Cantaloupe Go MiniX cashless acceptance kiosk, that simply leverages existing pantry space and converts it into a self-service mini-market in hotel lobbies, creating less burden on employees to manage checking in guests and ringing up pantry products and instead, creates a fully grab-and-go experience.

    To learn more about Cantaloupe, visit

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